Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Fan of You Tube - Meyer

As a recent reluctant convert to social media, I am still navigating my way slowly around the Internet, discovering hitherto unknown (to me) and unexplored vistas.

In the last few weeks, I have discovered You Tube. Of course, I knew it existed. Perhaps, I should back up and explain that I only recently acquired high-speed Internet service. Living as I do 850+ km north of the nearest large city (Winnipeg), I limped along for quite some time with dial-up (through telephone lines) and then 3G (a modem using cell phone service). Both were very slow and often unreliable. Watching a You Tube video was not possible.

Being able to watch a You Tube video at my leisure has opened up a whole new world for me. I recently watched some life stage performances of popular musicians and thought, oh, that’s what the fuss is all about! Many performers have incredible stage presence that cannot be realized unless you have the good fortune of being able to see them live – or watch them on You Tube.

In addition to learning about (and enjoying) music, You Tube can also be an educational tool in other areas. In a college class that I am teaching, one of my students recently used a You Tube video in his presentation about Nonverbal Learning Disorder.

You can look up any topic you like, topics such as: Canadian Christian Author. When I did this, I got an excellent video produced by 100 Huntley St about Write! Canada. The title for this You Tube video is: Christian Writers – The Word Guild.

With Write! Canada just around the corner, I would encourage you to take a gander at this little clip and perhaps send it along to others.
Write! Canada is a great opportunity to learn and grow as a writer. The website for Write! Canada is
This year, the dates are June 16-18 and the location is Guelph, Ontario.
I’ll be there. Will you?

Dorene Meyer

Author of The Little Ones and Jasmine
Now in book stores across Canada
Distributed by Word Alive Press
Available online and as ebook on Amazon (key in title of book and publisher: Word Alive Press).

Also author of Lewis, due to be released in March!

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Peter Black said...

Oh, the marvel of high-speed Internet!
I'm not on full-blown high speed, but what I have usually works quite well for bringing in You Tube and for most of what I'm doing.
However, it's pretty wonderful how much you accomplished under the old dial-up system.
High Speed -- enjoy!

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