Monday, August 02, 2010

While I Am Away - Nesdoly

Have you taken your summer vacation yet? Here's a vacation every true-blue writer would love to take, despite the fallout:

While I Am Away

While I am away
hiking the hills and valleys of plot
people-watching memories
then eavesdropping mumbled conversations
spelunking caves of character and motivation
running rapids on Verb River
storm-chasing metaphors and similes...

the laundry basket
grows obese with ironing
new life forms of pink, green and black
take up residence in the bathroom
kitchen floor becomes a banquet table
spread for ants
and the ripe redolence
of the last brown banana
nourishes yet another
generation of fruit flies.

© 2004 by Violet Nesdoly (first published in Calendar)

Happy vacation everyone — whatever vacation you're on!



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Peter Black said...

You raised a broad smile from me with this poem, Violet! :) I also took a side trip to a couple of your blogsites, and received more rich food for the soul.
Thank you for sharing so freely.

Kathleen Gibson said...

I LOVED this Violet! Thank you for a little holiday today. I needed it badly.

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