Friday, August 27, 2010

Acknowledging God’s Guidance – Lawrence

Carolyn Myss, in her book, Entering The Castle, says, “Once you acknowledge guidance, you will always be shown pathways through whatever difficulties arise…You will gradually develop the stamina to act on the guidance you receive, confronting whatever fears surface along the way…you know what it is to hear God. That doesn’t settle the challenge of whether you will follow this voice.”

Regarding the manuscript I have just completed, “Highway of Holiness: Soul Journey”, I have been seeking God’s guidance on what I am to do about its publication.

I feel that I did receive God’s guidance in the following words, “Wait a little while longer; there is a place for you.” Shortly after this, I remembered some suggestions about publishing a manuscript that a fellow author had shared with me and I believe that they were part of the way on which God was leading me.

I sought God’s guidance; I believe I received God’s guidance; yet I seemed to be fighting against the guidance I had been given.

In order for me to discover why I was unsettled about following God’s guidance, I posed a series of questions to myself in my journal and tried to answer them honestly. Here are my questions and answers.

1. Q. Do you believe God is giving you guidance over your present manuscript? A. Yes.

2. Q. What do you believe that guidance to be? A. I believe that God is guiding me to search for a publisher through the O.A.C.’s Writers Reserve Program.

3. Q. Why are you hesitant to follow God’s guidance? A. I am impatient for the book to be published. I know that I could self-publish it easily and have it on the market quickly without all the hassle of going through the slow process of publishing with an established publisher.

4. Q. Will you commit to prayer, and practice following God’s guidance as it has been revealed to you? A. I will try, knowing that this will help me to develop stamina to act on the guidance I have received from God.

5. Q. You know what it is to hear God’s voice; are you willing to follow God’s guidance? A. With the Lord’s help, I will follow the path that God is showing me.

I continue to struggle with this but I hope that, through this struggle, I will develop the stamina to act on the guidance I have received, grow in patience, and confront whatever fears surface along the way.


Peter Black said...

Your opening quotation from Entering the Castle is a very concise and insightful thought.
Also, your outline of your seeking guidance for the book project is instructional. May you be led through God's chosen door in His appointed time -- and with peace in your heart.

Judith Lawrence said...

Thank you Peter for your comments and for your prayers for me as I wait for God's leading.

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