Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Defining Success - Atchison

How do we define success? Is it what we perceive from other people? Is it by the congratulations we receive from others for our achievements? Is it by the awards and certificates we receive? Or is it by how we help in service of the Lord, and the good we do for others?

Success is defined by what we feel in our hearts. It is as individual as the differences in snowflakes. We use many measurements to define success. A professional might use promotions to determine their success. A salesman the number of sales they’ve made in a given time period. An author by the number of books published, or contests one.

Those are outside successes, but what about the internal ones. Like the success felt after helping your child ride his first bicycle. Or, when a teacher sees what his student’s achieved and learned throughout the year. Attending a university graduation and feeling proud as your child walks across the stage, knowing partly they are their because of your encouragement, love and support. Lending a hand at a fundraiser and finding out this is the most the organization has ever made.

God helps us with these successes. Opportunities are put in place to help us attain our goals. Events magically fall into place. It takes courage to reach for success, but should we care? Does it matter that we are successful? In part, yes, because successful moments are defining moments, they help us with who we are and who we would like to become.

In part no, we don’t need to use success as a benchmark in our lives, because as long as we are productive, loving and helping individuals in society, we are successful.

Look for those little moments in life that bring you joy and know you are successful. Know you are following God’s will, as the joy would not be there. Any feelings of love, gratitude, joy, happiness, satisfaction, and passion at something you are doing will bring you moments of success. It need not always be in the form of a certificate, or promotion, but in feelings of the heart and because of your love for God and in doing His will.

Patricia L. Atchison
Website: www.patricia@patriciaatchison.ca
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Dolores Ayotte said...

How insightful and so true. Often times, we have the tendency to let outside forces set the standard for our success.

To me, true success is reached when when those outside forces no longer matter. Doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way (Mother Teresa) can often be overlooked. I love the little guy, with so little to offer who gives it his all. For some reason or other, this is what I describe as success. :)

Peter Black said...

Thank you Patricia.
You've provided a keen look at a very important area, especially, since our society is so pervaded by a celebrity and success-orientation for for one's finding his or her sense of self-worth.
I like the way you provide reasons why success matters, and also why it doesn't.

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