Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Two-Minute Miracle- Carleton

Aug 22.09 border I gave myself a challenge for the month of March.  The challenge is to study a chapter of Proverbs per each day of the month; I called it the 31 Day Challenge.  I decided that I needed something to hold myself to it, so I have been blogging about it each day as well.  I advertised what I was doing to my Sunday School class, to my friends on Facebook and my “followers” via my blog.  To my surprise and excitement several others were up for the challenge as well; we are all becoming wiser by the day.

It has been great to start my day in the Word, too often I find myself only reaching for my Bible because I am not sure what else to do and I am procrastinating on my housework.  Now that I am accountable to post on my blog each day I get excited to see what I am going to learn and share with my readers.

I do have to admit that on occasion I have found it rather difficult to do my daily studying of scripture; my daughters had three days off of school and trying to find “me” time in the morning wasn’t happening.  One night I did my post at 11:45pm, that was cutting it pretty close.

On Saturday I thought I would pull out a book to read with my morning coffee.  Since my time seemed frazzled lately my eye51yD5ZvsA0L__SL500_AA300_ caught a book that had been sitting on my shelf for a while.  It is called, “Sacred Chaos” by Tricia McCary Rhodes.  I saw her interview on 100 Huntley Street and I ordered the book but had yet to read it.  It is organized in short chapters and it is about connecting with God in the midst of our crazy chaotic lives.  It seemed a perfect fit!

In Chapter One you read about the Two-Minute Miracle.  I love this!  The premise of the Two-Minute Miracle is--- if you are having a hard time trying to dedicate or make time for something, such as studying your Bible.  Make a promise to yourself that you will do it for two minutes.  Most of the time it is the getting started that keeps us from doing things.  So if you can get to the two minute mark mostly likely you will be engaged and continue on a little while longer.

This has been good for me on the days when I can find several others things that I think I should be doing rather than studying another chapter of Proverbs.  But I make myself sit down with my Bible, commentaries and IPOD (we are listening to a Proverbs Podcast as well) and as soon as I have everything set up and my Bible is open I can’t think of another place that I would rather be.

If you are finding yourself struggling to find time to include things such as prayer and studying scripture in your daily life give the two-minute miracle a try; it works! (I’m starting to sound like a infomercial J)

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Cj Carleton is the 2008 Canadian Christian Writing Award winner for her first book “What Makes You Unique? Discover the Truth or Believe the lie”.  Learn more about Cj and her upcoming Online Girls Bible Study by visiting  You can also connect with her on Twitter or Facebook.


Peter Black said...

Thank you for sharing your 31-Day Proverbs challenge, and the great Two-Minute Challenge tip.
Both are ideas that should stick, and may well be put into effect by some of us.

Anonymous said...

Excellent ideas. Thanks for the encouragement!
Bless you,

Glynis said...

What a wise idea - the two minute miracle. And what a good thing it is to be accountable. It makes the commitment a little easier. Great post.

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