Monday, March 15, 2010

A Cheeky Ask - den Boer

“May I borrow $5,000?”

“No, I don’t have $5,000.”

“Borrow it and lend it to me.”


“I didn’t want to ask you, but I felt a nudge to do it anyway.”

“No. If I had $5,000 that would be different, but right now I don’t have $5,000.”

“I can give you a cheque for it.”


“I know you are strong-willed as I am, but please just think about it, pray about it and consider this request.”

Consider this:

“Dear friend, if you’ve gone into hock with your neighbor or locked yourself into a deal with a stranger, If you’ve impulsively promised the shirt off your back and now find yourself shivering out in the cold, Friend, don’t waste a minute, get yourself out of that mess. You’re in that man’s clutches! Don’t procrastinate—there’s no time to lose. Run like a deer from the hunter, fly like a bird from the trapper!” (Proverbs 6:1-5 The Message)


Dolores Ayotte said...

Marian...sometimes it's just good to hear that it's OK to say no.

I appreciate being reminded of that fact. :)

Peter Black said...

Marian, you state the issue starkly, and illustrate your text well (Prov. 6:1-5).
Dolores puts the exclamation point to what my wife often reminds me.
Thanks to you both.

Marian said...

And, thanks to you both. Comments are blogger fuel.

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