Thursday, November 27, 2008

Finding God's Path - Lawrence

In Psalm 107 verse 4, we find the words: Some wandered in desert wastes; they found no way to a city where they might dwell.
Sometimes we wander around not knowing what to do. We want to write but we can’t seem to make it happen. We become frustrated and our time is wasted because we flit from one thing to another. We haven’t found our calling, our own city in which God wants us to dwell. We are desperate to find our niche; we are spiritually and creatively hungry and thirsty. We are not fulfilled.
How do we deal with this? We need to cry to the Lord and ask Him to show us what it is we are to do. Ask Him to reveal to us our vocation and the creative focus for our lives; and when we receive the answer, we must be prepared to follow through. As we follow through on the guidance that comes along, the way will be made clear; as we respond to each bit of inspiration, even if it seems like a risk, a long shot, the path will open up before us.
That is how we grow, by taking risks; that is how we come into our fulfilment, by following the path that seems to be plopped down in front of us. The path leads us to the city where we may dwell in fulfilment. We are led along the path, step by step, and along this path we are delivered out of our distress because we trust and follow where He leads. Then we will be fulfilled, live abundantly, be satisfied and live in God’s dwelling place for us.
We are lost, we ask for direction; He leads, we follow; He brings us into our own land; we give thanks. Sometimes we say this can’t be my path; that’s much too brilliant for me. But God’s paths are always more glorious than we could ever imagine for ourselves. God gives more than we could ever ask or imagine. Once we have set ourselves in His path, watch out for His wonders to be revealed.
© Judith Lawrence
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raeoflight said...

Judith, your words touch my deepest fears. I've just jumped into writing full time and there are so very many paths I could take I often feel overwhelmed. I think I will paste Psalm 107:4 beside my workspace. May Jesus continue to bless you with inspiring and comforting words for us all.

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