Monday, September 01, 2008

Author of the Impossible - Guest Blogger

Have you ever had a title of a book jump out at you and beg to be read? Not long ago I was in a bookstore and I noticed a book called "The Dream Giver" by Bruce Wilkinson. The feather on the cover also piqued my interest, perhaps because it reminded me of writing, something I enjoy doing when life doesn’t get in the way.
In the book, a ‘Nobody’ named Ordinary lived in the Land of Familiar. One night Ordinary was visited by the Dream Giver and challenged to pursue a dream that had been dormant for some time.
As I read each page I felt the author was writing about me, about the dream I had tucked away in my heart, something I’d locked away for safe keeping and never drawn out to examine it in all my adult life.

Like Ordinary in the Land of Familiar, I had used excuses why not to pursue my dream. If asked to put into words why I hadn’t started pursuing my dream earlier in my life, I’d have argued I didn’t know what to do or what to say. I lacked the courage to face my personal giants.

My dream was to be a writer but for 35 years I resisted the idea of becoming a writer, doubting my own abilities and not tapping in to God’s. One morning I sat up in bed and let the rays from the early morning sun warm my back. Before my toes met the floor, an inner voice seemed to say, “What are you going to do about your dream?” It was a fleeting thought but one that had been darting in and out of my mind for months. More out of frustration than conviction, I remember saying, "Okay God, I agree, I'll never know until I try." Since then I’ve written six books and several hundred devotionals and inspirational stories.

Too often we are tempted to see the giants in our lives as immovable obstacles but the reason for this may be because we are looking up at an ugly giant instead of looking up to God. We may battle with doubts and wonder how God can ever use what little we have to offer but if we obey His call I believe we’ll discover a marvelous truth – God is the author of the impossible.

Elaine Ingalls Hogg - author, speaker

From Heaven and Earth (Spring 2008), Joey's Secret Wish (2007), Historic Grand Manan (2007), Christmas in the Maritimes (2006) best seller, When Canada Joined Cape Breton (2005), Remembering Honey - winner of the Marianna Dempster Award

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