Friday, August 29, 2008

Looking Closely At God’s Creation—Judith Lawrence

The other day I noticed a green leaf lying on our back porch. However, when I looked more closely, I realised that this leaf had legs and a head—in fact, it wasn’t a leaf at all—it was an insect with camouflage. Here was some kind of a grasshopper skilfully camouflaged as a leaf.

Seeing this insect made me think of the marvels of God’s creation. There are so many different beings, large and small, in this world—each one with its own purpose, each one with its own amazing properties, each one with its own particular detail. This grasshopper stayed very still as I stood over it to examine it but, as soon as I walked away, it began to continue on along its path.

I have no idea of God’s intention for this creature or for the many other creatures that have been created and live in our forest. I do know that I never cease to be struck with wonder at God’s creation, of its diversity and versatility. If God has a purpose for this leaf with legs, and I’m sure He does, then there must also be a purpose for me.

It is so easy to go through life thinking that everything that happens in my world is chance but, if I really examine God’s creation in the details, if I look at my life with all its connecting links, if I see the guiding path leading me from one thing to the next, I will begin to understand and know the wonder of God’s care for me in all its details. I know, too, that it is God’s desire for me to grow closer to Him and His love, to mature in the fruit of the spirit, to know and follow the divine purpose for me.

It is time for me to look closely at the details of my life and to see God in each wonderful event.

© Judith Lawrence

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