Monday, February 04, 2008

The Sacrifice of Praise - Grove

We bring the sacrifice of praise
Unto the house of the Lord.
We bring the sacrifice of praise
Unto the house of the Lord.
And we offer up to You
The sacrifices of thanksgiving;
And we offer up to You
The sacrifices of joy.

- Kirk Dearman

I’ve sung this song in church. Maybe you have, too. Many moons ago – back in the day, as they say.

Yesterday, the moment I awoke, God spoke to me. “What is the sacrifice of praise?”

Oh man, pop quiz and I haven’t even had my coffee yet.

Okay – sacrifice, Old T time (Yes, I know there is a reference to continually offering the sacrifice of praise to God in the NT – Hebrews 13:15, but Hebrews is a book deeply steeped in OT and the word would have the same connotations if not the same actions).

I sat up, feeling awake. I know how these things go. God brings something to my mind, often in the form of a question (I like questions), and I get to experience grace as He shows me something “new” about the question at hand. (It’s not new to Him, but only to my small mind).

Okay, Lord. Sacrifice. I’m thinking animals, temple, maybe long line ups, waiting. Patience.

Good. Now back up.

Uh, okay. Backing up. Well, a fellow would have to organize his family, maybe travel. Planning.
Good. Now back up.

Hmm. Well, a fellow would have to raise the animals, I suppose. A perfect animal, without spot or blemish. Or the first fruits of the harvest. He’d be working at it for some time – a year? And then would offer it to You in faith, regardless of how well his business, farm, family, crops, or life had gone that year. Perseverance.

Hey! That’s three “P’s,” I think, quite pleased with my alliteration.

We’re quiet for a moment, God and I, just hanging out, thinking, waiting.

I know He’s showing me something, and I’ve learned to wait.

Then my penny drops.

It’s me.

I’m the sacrifice of praise. The sacrifice of joy, of thanksgiving.

It’s the life I live, the words I speak, the meditations of my heart. It’s what I write, what I allow myself to think about. It’s how I love my family, treat strangers, promote my books, speak out, hold hands, call someone I haven’t seen in church for a few weeks, invite a friend, volunteer, make life a little nicer for someone else. Lifestyle.

I smile. “You’re not asking much, Lord. Just all of me.”

Bonnie Grove


Carolyn Arends said...

Thanks for this! It's so good to remember that a struggle for a well crafted sentence can be an act of worship. And I love your 3 "Ps"!

authordonna said...

Great reminder Bonnie. I must remember to praise my God for all he is and has done and your post has nudged me in that direction. Blessings

authordonna said...
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