Friday, January 04, 2008

As It Is Written - Fawcett

For centuries we have sat on the edge of our spiritual chairs waiting with the belief that any minute Christ would return. As time has continued to roll on and we have seen prophecy after prophecy unfold, it has become easier and easier for Christians to believe in the imminent return of our Lord. While I am not a theologian nor am I in the business of expounding upon end time events, I do have a keen interest in the observations of our world's events. And those observations more and more resemble the words Jesus spoke in Matthew 24. What does this have to do with writing?

While participating in The Word Guild listserve, I have read repeated comments on the increasing persecution of believers in Christ. When we say Merry Christmas, we are reprimanded. When we write about the truths of scripture and the corruption of our world, we are scoffed at and slandered. When we follow our convictions we are told we are wrong and not-so-subtly attacked by those who would steal away the freedom our Lord gave us. And yet, it is these very things that should warn us that Christ's return is drawing near. Didn't he say that there would be those who would come claiming they were God and mocking his name? Wasn't it he who warned us that even our own family members would turn against us? Didn't he declare that his way was narrow and difficult--a taking up of a cross? Didn't he even mention that we would be persecuted as he was--and that the very earth would cry out in violent birth pangs against the corruption that has come? So why are we surprised? And disheartened? We knew it would come.

As Christian writers it is our jobs to remain strong. Strong in our faith. Strong in our knowledge of Christ and his Word. Strong in our positions as sons and daughters of the greatest King.

We may have to endure the mocking. We may have to accept that governments will hate us because they have hated God. We might even have to face persecution such as we have never before faced. But in this time of struggle, we must trust our Saviour to give us the strength to persevere when all in the world says it is foolishness to do so. And in our endurance we must keep our eyes on the goal--the eternal reward. It is our responsibility as writers who are Christian to keep on hoping, to keep on fighting the fight with the determination to show as many souls lost in darkness that two thousand years ago there came a great light. He will come again and it won't be as a gentle baby. He will be our mighty King. Let us all use our words wisely--written and spoken--to shout to the world the freedom his blood bought. And let us remember that one day the petty voices of those who would mock our Lord will be silenced and their knees will be bowed before the King of all Creation.

Donna Fawcett
Author of Thriving in the Home School
Donna Dawson
Author of Redeemed and The Adam & Eve Project
recipient of Word Alive Press' top eight authors promotion

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