Monday, September 10, 2007

The Book Launch Blues - Wright

As a Canadian Christian writer I feel like a flea on an elephant. My first novel, The Lightning File, has arrived and I’m faced with the daunting task of making that elephant notice my existence.

How? With limited financial resources, finite energy, limited time and a personality that seeks the background this is extremely daunting. I’m tempted to give up before I get started. But I believe in the book and others have been very encouraging. Most important, without claiming that the book was commissioned by God, I can say that He has given quiet assurance all along the way.

So, first I sent letters and emails to those who had bought my earlier books. Orders began to trickle in. Next I got permission from my home church to put a descriptive leaflet in members’ mail slots. Response has been quite wonderful. I’ve sold 35 books to church members already! And they are buzzing about the book’s suspense.

I’ve sent out a few review copies and news releases to local media. So far I’ve had two articles in area newspapers and another reporter is coming this morning. I’ll continue to pursue these avenues as time permits. Local libraries have been encouraging.

Visits to fifteen or so bookstores have yielded contracts to supply small consignments in most of them. I’ve had a book table at an arts festival and also at a fall fair with slim results. In the weeks ahead I have book launches scheduled in Cobourg, Brighton and Mississauga. (If you’re in the Mississauga area this coming Saturday, Sept. 15th, I’d love to see you at 2397 Huron Park Place: west of Mavis and south of Dundas—follow the balloons.)

The more I think about my limitations, the greater peace I have. God seems to whisper; Just do what you can and leave the rest to me. Besides isn’t it more important to please me than be a ‘success’? So I cast my bread upon the waters, rein in my impatient personality and remind myself not to despise the day of small things.

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