Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Be Prepared To Change – Lawrence

The hummingbirds have left for southern climes, the yellow school buses are on the roads again, and I have given my first talk of the season. These are all signs that change is happening and that the fall season is upon us.

At the end of June, when school was out and summer stretched ahead of us, with its long evenings empty of meetings and other obligations, we could almost put writing on hold while relaxing and listening to the beautiful music of nature.

However, knowing that I had an hour’s talk on meditation to prepare for the first Monday after Labour Day, I did work on my writing, if only between long interludes of birdsongs heard from the porch. By the end of August I was ready to give my talk to the women’s group and I felt good that I was prepared.

Labour Day arrived and I received a phone call to confirm my presence at the Christian women’s meeting on the following Monday. I assured the president that I would be there. It will be a half hour’s talk, she said.

I spent the next few days cutting my talk down to a half hour from one full hour—not easy but do-able. On the Friday, three days before the scheduled talk, I discovered that the advertised topic was my new meditation book, Glorious Autumn Days: Meditations for the Wisdom Years.

So much for spending the summer months getting ready for a one hour’s talk on meditation! Now, three days before the event, I had to revamp the talk to a half- hour on my book.

In actual fact, because I had prepared ahead of time, I found it relatively easy to change the talk to the new format. I was able to speak to the group about my new book as well as about meditation in half the time originally planned—and I sold a few books.

The motto is: Be well prepared, listen to God’s voice, be willing to change and follow God’s guidance where he leads.


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