Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Note In A Mailbox

As I was leaving church last night I noticed an envelope in my mailbox. I opened it and found a note from someone who had been impacted by the life story of Charles Mulli.

Mulli was an abused and abandoned African boy who subsequently finds Christ, becomes a multimillionaire and then sells all he has to rescue hundreds of street children from the slums of Kenya. Today he has more than 1000 children under his care at Mully Childrens Family. The sales from the book help support his rescue ministry.

“I was constantly amazed at how Charles Mulli never gave up on God,” the note said. “What an encouragement…the faith that Charles and Esther had in God.” She in turn had passed the book on to a friend of hers who had felt a similar impact.

It’s a reminder of how God uses writing for evangelism. When God lays something on our hearts, it’s an opportunity both to be obedient and to be part of His kingdom building ventures.

I sometimes think that when we get to heaven we’ll have a chance to meet the people whom God impacted through our writing. For now, we hear bits and pieces and it’s encouraging to know that we’re being used by God through different story forms, different media to reach people with His truth.

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