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Vision of Green BY SUSAN HARRIS

Over the last three years I've posted the same blog on St. Patrick's Day - Happy day to all who celebrate. This year I focus on a different aspect of green.

On June 13th, 2017, one week before my wisdom tooth was extracted, I was praying on the day bed in our living room with its beige walls and white ceiling, when suddenly I had a vision of being in a room filled with what looked like green and purple Northern Lights. 
The green is dominant and intense, punctuated intermittently by streaks of purple, and both colors are true to the Aurora Borealis I’ve witnessed. The green has more yellow than the rainbow shade. The lights look like opaque gossamer, and they dance thick and heavy in a rhythm. The room is massive, as everything is in Eternity, but where I am feels small because I cannot see beyond the lights. I’m reminded of fog, thick white prairie fog that reduces visibility to mere meters, except this is green, impenetrable, riveting fog. Where I stand is all green. I am spellbound by the living, moving curtains of light that appear 3-dimensional. Green glory. I do not know anything more nor do I receive any special knowledge just then.
I contemplated the vision over the following days and prayed for revelation. Then, as if shot from a quiver, the meaning pierced my spirit. I was in a preparation room, not unlike the Green Rooms of television houses I’d waited in to be interviewed. The Green Room at CTV is literally painted green, and guests wait there until it’s their time to walk onto the set under the hot, bright lights to go live on air. I was in a Green Room in Heaven, the Preparation Room, waiting to go into the presence of the Son who is the Light. 
Holy, holy God!
I delved into the significance of green and discovered some fascinating facts. Green is the most common color in the physical world and is found everywhere in nature. It is the color of awakening, of resurrection and rebirth in spring, and there’s a guarantee that life will go on while things remain green. Green symbolizes fertility and harmony. Researchers have found bodily benefits to green, such as improving vision—watching green soothes the eyes—and alleviating stress though the relaxation of the body. A Harvard study showed that people working in green offices are more productive and satisfied. Further, the green light on the traffic trio equates to safety.
I was in a safe place, in heaven.
Purple is associated with royalty, nobility, and sophistication, and speaks of wealth and luxury, creativity and mystery. I had been swaddled in purple lights in the mysterious after-world created by our Lord for those He will receive as His own. Putting the significance of the two colors together, I wondered if I was getting close to the Throne Room of God.
Eleven days later, on June 24th, 2017, as I lay dying following dental surgery, I saw Jesus, the Light of the World. I am convinced that I had indeed been in a “waiting” room!

An excerpt from the chapter The Alfalfa Field and The Green Room, from Touched By Eternity: A True Story of Heaven, Healing, and Angels by Susan Harris. Print book releasing in April (contact


Peter Black said...

That was indeed quite the tremendous experience for you, Susan! And, it was evidently so startling and vivid that you can recall and recount the details with such great descriptive certainty. And then, the revelatory application you describe is intriguing.
I can make no claim to such an experience. However, I have a 'green' story that isn't visionary in a spiritual way, but is physically visual - that is, it involves a modified perception of colour.
Typically when I see a vivid green, adjacent colours take on a distinct rouge. For example: if a bright green hand-lotion bottle is on the counter next to our white sink, the sink looks bright pink to me. We have a blue tile section of wall behind the sink. When the green bottle is within my field of vision the adjacent blue tiles appear lilac.
Now, the opposite effect doesn't happen with red (in other words I don't see a shade of green), but within the field of vision of the bright red, some colours, including green are intensified. Hmm, I could probably press a spiritual application, if I tried (grin). ~~+~~

Susan Harris said...

Peter, I've had three visions in my life, two of which were in 2017. After my third near-death experience in 2017 I decided to write my story, and it was only while writing the manuscript that I really gave serious thought to the visions. I think of them in the context of Joel 2:28, although now you have to figure out if I am old or young (giggle, giggle).

Now to your colour perception - I know of two other men who have been medically diagnosed as being colour blind to yellow, and one of those men actually see brown as green. (That makes brown lil me a Martian - aren't I so comic? tehehe). The research points to men being affected by colour intricacies more so than females.

I see every colour in the correct shades and have seen them correctly all my life. I used to work at Lester Pearson Airport and had to undergo the tests that pilots take, including colours. I am so happy that my accuracy of colour perception was established years and years before I wrote the book. Therefore I am unapologetic about my visions. I do sympathize with you having to put up with naughty lotion bottles playing tricks on you and a sink that ought to be in a horror movie. (snort, giggle). Fortunately you are such a good, good person. <3. Happy Spring, Peter.

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