Friday, April 07, 2017

A tip from our Tip-a-Day service at the Ottawa Christian Writers’ Fellowship blog - Denyse O'Leary

Writing tip of the day: Christian Book finalists 2017

From CBA Online: -- The Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) has announced the 59 finalists for the 2017 Christian Book Awards. These titles represent the industry’s best books and
Bibles of the year in 11 categories, including the newly added categories of Faith & Culture, Biography & Memoir, Young People’s Literature, Ministry Resources, and Bible Study.

[Could your work be entered in one the new categories you did not even know about?]

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 Also, here are some things I wrote recently:

Are polls scientific? Well, what happens when human complexity foils electoral predictions?

Fake news series: Part I: What is fake news? Do we believe it?

Part II: Does fake news make a difference in politics?

Part III: What can we do about fake news that would not diminish real news?  Critics of 'fake news' should go to China --- only the government has the right to post fake news.


Carol Ford said...

Thanks Denyse for sharing the Christian Book site. How interesting.

Peter Black said...

Thanks Denyse. I'm experiencing some mental indigestion after following several links and scanning the material. Wow! The issues you address, while fascinating, do require time and patient study to fully grasp. Thank you for the tremendous 'spadework' you put into your research. ~~+~~

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