Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Strength in Numbers/DONNA MANN

Writing can be an isolated effort. Even when plotting a novel or writing a devotional in a busy café, writers can feel separated from the activities and discussions happening around them. Great achievements can be realized when writing in a solitary environment.  

Moving past being alone in that initial creative time, entering the world of support can be invigorating.  Being a member of The Word Guild has given opportunity to stretch and test new ground.  New friends in the midst of many members gives me reading material, options and new ideas.

Learning to write in a group is another way to enjoy support. Angel Hope Publishing (Glynis Belec) sent me an email to join a team of writers accepting the challenge of writing about grief. This topic suggests aloneness. But, the invitation was different in that six writers would contribute to the same book about the same topic, but with individual experiences. My first involvement in an anthology proved to be an encouraging and empowering time as we shared with each other.

Recently I enrolled in Marcia Laycock’s Devotionals of Distinction and attempted to fit my
assignments (written in isolation) into weekly reflections during the season of lent. From my keyboard to Marcia, then to Heidi and Sara for a read before taking the work to two tables of participants and a Facebook group of “Meeting Jesus on the Roads Through Lent” proved to be an excellent process. About twenty people contribute weekly to these reflections until the final week. Yes, the work becomes stronger than if I had continued to work in isolation.

I cherish my writer’s group where we write and meet monthly to read our work to one another. First written in isolation, probably in a quiet room with only our thoughts now banter for space on the paper. Secondly it is read and critiqued in the presence of others. What we began as putting our words together as mind to hand to paper now turns into a collaborative effort as members of the group fill in the blanks.
It is here that ideas often take root and words rush to express and define concepts. Different perspectives surface and viewpoints begin to tease for recognition. This part of the process opens the heart of the story and we stand back to watch as it begins to stand alone on its own merit without interpretation.

Growth becomes evident in the writer’s mind. Expansion of words, sentences and paragraphs fill out the story offering images, scent and sound. No, it’s not a different story. It has begun to live and claim its own space on the paper.

 "cord of three strands is not quickly broken" (Ecclesiastes 4:12 NIV).

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Peter Black said...

An informative post on your recent and current writing life, Donna. Thanks.
A fledgling local writer's circle that I participated in for the two years since its inception folded early this year. So I'm in relative writing isolation again. However, this blog keeps me connected with you and our other friends and their work. The posts continue to prove inspirational, instructional and informative for me. ~~+~~

Donna Mann said...

Thanks Peter. It is important to connect with others. I hope you find a new group when the time is right for you. D.

Peter Black said...

Thanks Donna. Have a blessed day in every way. ~~+~~

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