Thursday, January 14, 2016

Is God Like a Bad Date? by David Kitz

Like many Christians I began the year with a personal commitment to renew my prayer life. Now a few weeks into the year I can say there has been progress—no radical breakthroughs, but progress. Nevertheless, when it comes to prayer, I have this problem with timing. I'm not talking about my timing. I'm talking about God's timing. 

                                   Landestreu Church, SK, Photo by Donald Adam

I have a confession to make and here it is: I don't understand God.

Maybe a better way of putting this is to say that I have a limited understanding of God. Yes, I have studied a lot about God, and I have written a lot about Him, but my understanding is small—miniscule beside an all-knowing God of infinite wisdom.

When I pray, I want prompt answers. I run my life by a clock and a schedule, but God seems quite unimpressed by my propensity for planning. He's been known to show up when I least expect Him. Furthermore, when I desperately want Him to put in an appearance, He usually keeps me waiting. 

He's like a bad date. Speaking of a date, dear God, is that answer I want coming tomorrow, next week or next year?

I'm in good company. King David seemed to have the same problem with God. Hear his plea, "But I pray to you, LORD, in the time of your favor; in your great love, O God, answer me with your sure salvation."   

There's one thing I know. Amazing things happen in the time of God's favor. So like David, I'll call out to Him. I'll wait for Him. He is well worth waiting for, because when the LORD shows up everything changes. I change; the world changes.

Response: LORD God, favor me. Show up in your perfect timing. I need you now. I need you always. You know best. Answer me with your sure salvation. Amen.

Your Turn: Do you sometimes get impatient with God?

 David Kitz is an award-winning author and a Bible dramatist. You can learn more about how he combines writing, drama and faith at


Peter Black said...

Thanks David . . . delightfully introduced - frank and honest and personal.
Impatient with God - me, "moi"? Oh yes, it's true! (But how dare I!)It's the human condition that likely dogs the majority of us.
Great focus point from David's prayer, though, ". . . in the time of your favor, in your great love . . . answer me . . ."
I guess we are so anxiously living according to 'khronos' time, whereas God works according to His 'kairos' time. ~~+~~

Glynis said...

I try not to admit that I get impatient with God but on more than one occasion I have uttered demands like, "God - could you just show me the writing on the wall?"
I love your honesty, David. Yup - makes me think you are appropriately named!
Great thoughts. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

David, this would make a great book title. You speak to the heart of one of my many questions about God. When God allowed me to experience the challenges of having an extremely rare auto immune condition called mastocytosis I said, "God, really? Why? Why don't You show up and fix it? Why this calling? Why this cross?" It took me a long time through 51 years of being undiagnosed to finally get diagnosed. It's an illness that attacks my energy, focus, central nervous system, mobility, heart rate and blood pressure leading at times to anaphylactic reactions.

I'll be honest. There have been times when I wanted the bad date to end. When I cried out to Him and said, "Okay, God. That's it! You had me most likely born with cerebral palsy. Then, after 38 years I'm diagnosed with pernicious anemia. Last year my occupational therapist said I have a poor auditory memory. I have more difficulty with remembering the steps in completing a task. I often leave tasks undone. I have to follw written memory prompts. That's the journey You have for me? Thanks, but no thanks!"

In that time of greatest trials God has shown up. Yes, we can feel sometimes like He's an absentee father. But Like David when He cried out so many times for God's mercy, His forgiveness, He was there. God hears my pain. He hears my anger. He hears my heart cry for Him. He feels how much I love Him. He rejoices in the joy I have in the relationship I have with Him.

I'm sure there have been so many times God thought I was a bad date with me saying to Him, "Fine, then, Be that way!" Yet, He still chose to be in relationship with me.

It's a relationship we're both working on together.

Donna Mann said...

Thanks David. I knew I had to come back and find this blog as I wanted to reread it. I appreciate your words and your willingness to get all of us thinking. Blessings. Donna

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