Thursday, March 05, 2015

Words that Nourish

            I love the aroma of fresh bread baking, and even more, the yeasty tenderness with a pat of butter sliding across its steaming surface, and a sheen of homemade raspberry jam. If we can’t digest grains, we can still turn to the Bread of Life for strength and solace.

            “Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4 NIV).

            When the Hebrews would move from place to place throughout the desert, they were to leave the bread of the Presence of God on the table and carry it with them. It was to always stay on the table.              “ . . . the bread that is continually there is to remain on it” (Numbers 4:7, Exodus 25:30). 

     Jesus is always in the Presence of the Father, interceding as the living, broken-bread sacrifice for us. And He is always available – at any season of our lives—whether we are on the move or resting.  The Bakery is never closed. As writers, our words can always point to the 24/7 Bread of Life.     

            Several scriptures about bread inspired a prayer: 

LORD God, Bread of Life,
would You fill me daily?
 Roll out the pride
 that I might rise to praise only You.

I give you all I have - unleavened words, shaped and baked.  
Break them. Serve them. Multiply them.

Daily bread in Israel

I offer my braided bread
 not merely as fodder to fill their stomachs,
but for strength to obey,
courage to shout down walls,
and perseverance to take the territory.

Knead in me savoury stories
always fresh from Your hearth,
without frosted jargon.

Stir joy into my little lyric-loaves; 
sprinkle them with hope, and brush them with humour
as friends and family tuck in.

Fire-roasted and fresh from hearth
Holy Rayach,
would You fire my words with your Pleasing Aroma?
Transform my tablet into a table-feast
where You are always Present,
and bring back the hungry
 to Your sweet and salty
Words of Life.  

Pamela Mytroen

(Inspired by John 6:35—Jesus as Bread of Life; Matthew 4:4 and 6:11—Daily Bread; Psalm 141:3—guard my mouth; Hebrews 13:15—sacrifice of praise; Psalm 19:14—pleasing words; John 6:51—Jesus as Bread broken for the world; Matthew 6:41—Jesus multiplied the loaves; Deut. 8:1—Braid of obedience – live, grow, enter; Numbers 4:7 and Exodus 25:30—Christ as relevant and always accessible; Deut. 12:17-19—Bread as celebration and joy; Matthew 5:6—Hunger for righteousness; Psalm 19:10—sweeter than honey; Matthew 5:13—salt of the earth).  

Pam writes, nurtures children and grand-babies, bakes brownies, and teaches EAL, surrounded by the wind and winsome beauty of the Saskatchewan prairies. 


David Kitz said...

Your words make me hunger for the Bread of Life!

Peter Black said...

Thank you for sharing your nourishing words, Pam. Your imaginative poetic lines stir spiritual hunger for that which only God can truly satisfy.~~+~~

Glynis said...

Such inviting, delicious words that point to the true Bread of Life. What is Rayach? Hebrew for Bread, perhaps? :) Lovely, post, Pam.

fudge4ever said...

Hi Glynis,
Rayach is a Hebrew word meaning "Aroma" as in when the sacrifices were offered at the altar. They were a pleasing aroma, and Jesus was the pleasing, fragrant aroma when He sacrificed Himself for us.
Thanks for stopping by!

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