Saturday, March 07, 2015

How changes in new media are affecting writers and publishing - Denyse O’Leary

At one of my short online columns at MercatorNet, I accumulate a lot of information about how changes in new media are affecting writers and publishing.

What I am proposing to do is index the information for writer readers, and keep adding to it. I will note the updates and link back to the full service page. Here are the first few entries to give some idea: Thoughts appreciated. - Denyse


Good news! The Internet is worse for bookstores than for reading Part I Dust settled, many books and readers have crawled out alive
Good news! Internet worse for bookstores than for reading, Part II The Internet changed how authors and readers find each other
When the bookstore closes, do the lights go out on culture? In one case, the atmosphere suddenly electrified.

How does the Internet affect copyright? If you teach, preach, or reach anyone online—what are your copyright issues?

Internet: More informed is NOT necessarily better informed More information is not necessarily an asset if there is no practical way to assess its worth.

Librarian: The Internet doesn’t harm the good student, but it makes the poor student worse Students confuse “available” with “helpful”
Are libraries just too unCool to survive in an Internet age? We can't discard what libraries do.

Media, mainstream media
Are mainstream media prejudiced against God? Are they the “Pravdas” of a supposedly free world?
Will our elders be left behind with dying media? Legacy media are losing the ability to provide serious news

Offensive speech
Anti-blasphemy laws? Anti-hate speech laws? Some things to consider before you vote. Demands for censorship now come from universities. Why?

More good news: Why radio, like books, survived the Internet The "local effect" saved it.

Social media
Social media: Those friends and followers who think you are cool might not exist If you don’t communicate with your teen, maybe someone's bot will.

Is our every thought ready for prime time? No, but social media make us think so.

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Peter Black said...

Thanks for sharing this broad range of research insights and for making sense of what's happening in the publishing industry and its intersection with cyberspace . . . and more. Amazing!~~+~~

Glynis said...

Boy, that's a lot of helpful information out there, Denyse. Thanks for all those links. I just watched the video about Facebook - isn't everything getting to be all about the mighty dollar? Lure us in and then bleed us dry. That sounds a little negative, I know, but we so need to become wiser about how and why we use social media.

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