Thursday, November 27, 2014

Flexing & Stretching - Tracy Krauss

As I reflect on the year that has almost passed, I realize that 2014 has been a year of growth in more ways than one. For starters, it has been my busiest year as far as publishing and new releases. This year I've had a full length novel, a novella, a stage play, thirteen short stories, a devotional book, and an illustrated children's book published. I actually had trouble keeping track of what was releasing when! (Probably not the best scenario as far as publicity goes...)

Several of these works I wrote under contract, which meant I had deadlines to meet every month of the year. I actually thrive under pressure, which is a good thing, because it felt a lot like I was doing 'nanowrimo' all year long!

Speaking of nanowrimo, I signed up again this year and still have a couple of days to finish my 50,000 word manuscript in the month of November. Perhaps I've been running on empty, because I've been finding the challenge even more 'challenging' than normal. I've pushed through and will finish, but it wasn't without its struggles.

Sometime in August, my husband and I took over as Interim pastors of our church. We volunteered for the position when our other pastor took a church elsewhere. The church needed to build up its finances, and since my husband is an ordained minister, we felt God leading us to take on this role. However, since we both work full time, we have been 'tag team' preaching. He preaches one Sunday and I preach the next. That, added to my position as worship leader and coordinator, and it has been busy indeed.

I am not complaining, by any means. This year has been a year of stretching and flexing, but just like in a sports analogy, I feel as if all the reps and hard work have made me a better writer. When asked recently on a radio interview what I had planned for next year, I didn't have a definitive answer. I have lots of options but no contracts. Maybe it's better that way. If I had known how busy I would be in 2014, I might have shrunk away from all my commitments.

As it is, I can look back and feel good about what I did accomplish. With God's help, I can do all things - even survive a wonderful frenzy of works in progress becoming realities.

Tracy Krauss is a multi-published author, artist and playwright, living in Tumbler Ridge, BC. 


Donna Mann said...

A wonderful year. Congratulations. So nice to read that you 'preach' and not 'speak'. Sometimes women will say, "I'm speaking at the church on Sunday." And it's been some of the best preaching I've heard. Press on, sister. D.

Peter Black said...

Wow Tracy, that's an amazing body of work accomplished in the course of only one year - congratulations!
I'm delighted to hear of you and your hubby's being back into (or continuing in) the ministry harness together. Yes, press on, as Donna urges. ~~+~~

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