Saturday, November 29, 2014

Advent Blessings/MANN

"For everything there is a season" is this not what the preacher in Ecclesiastics says? There is a time for this and a time for that, naming everything he can think of. Well now is the season of Advent and it is a time of waiting - of searching God's heart to see what God will show us, teach us and say to us. Come and bring your Hope, Peace, Joy and Love during these four weeks of Advent: A new beginning!

I often write my own material when I don't have a resource at my finger-tips. Back in the early 90's we didn't have local Internet and if we did, it was dial-up. So surfing the net for appropriate material just wasn't done. The following words have been sung many years since:

Oh come, Lord Jesus come into 
          our lives and shed your light.
Dispel the darkness 'round about,
          bring the day from each dark night.
We know when our lives fail to show, 
          the fullness of your grace.
So now we bow before you to 
          ask forgiveness in this place.    

O come, Lord Jesus, come into 
         our hearts and spread your joy.
Create with us a word of peace
         in the mist of hope destroyed.
Your birth always brings such hope, 
        your death has set us free.
We break bread and we taste until 
       we see you face to face.

Oh come, Lord Jesus, come into 
        your church who waits and prays.
In grace that brings us to your will 
       and teaches us your ways.
The Advent of your coming soon 
        will brighten every soul
And as we drink this cup of life, 
        your love will make us whole. 

Donna Mann (December, 1995) Sing to "I Feel the Winds of God" #625 Voices United UCCan
Come Lord Jesus Come Copyright @ 1995 'Called to Be Free Songs'

Blessings during this Advent season of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love.
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Peter Black said...

I enjoyed your delightful advent inspiration, Donna. And, thank you for sharing your wonderful lyrics. ~~+~~

Donna Mann said...

And as Christmas draws nigh, I hope you and yours experience the gift of Love . . . again.

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