Thursday, July 03, 2014

Our Very Own God by Rose McCormick Brandon

Often, when thoughts meander, my mind lights on this favourite verse.
For this God is our God forever and ever; He will be our guide [even] until death. Psalm 48:14
The words, our God,  have enormous meaning. Can the great and only God of heaven and earth really be our God? My God?

Here is another verse that affirms that once we choose God He belongs to us.
"God, even our own God, shall bless us. God shall bless us." Psalm 67:6,7
When contemplating this verse, C. H. Spurgeon, wrote,
"He is ours to trust, ours to love, ours to run to in every dark and troublesome night, ours to commune with on every bright and sunny day, ours to be our guide in life. He is our help in death and our glory in immortality." (Finding Peace in Life's Storms)
The words, our own God, are strong and intimate. God Himself said, "I will be their God and they will be my people" (Ezekiel 37:27).

Jesus taught us that when we pray we should address God as "our Father." Several times in the Bible, family terms are used to describe our relationship with God. In the church I grew up in the adults in the congregation were affectionately known as Brother and Sister. "Thank you Sister Smith for leading the choir. Brother Freeman will you please lead us in prayer?" These traditions are rooted in the fact that He is our own God, our own dear Father, and we His tenderly loved children.

All the yearnings of a life-time can find fulfilment in the understanding that He is our God. We must face it - no one else can fix what ails us; no one else can bring us to the place of peace; no one else can bless us except our God.

Confession: I recognize the God of heaven and earth as my very own God, my God, to travel with me through all of life. I trust Him to lead me eventually to the home He has prepared for me where I will live with Him forever.
Also at that time, people will say,
“Look at what’s happened! This is our God!
We waited for him and he showed up and saved us! (Isaiah 25:9)
Rose McCormick Brandon's latest book, Promises of Home - Stories of Canada's British Home Children, will soon be published. Visit her blogs: Promises of Home and Listening to my Hair Grow.


Peter Black said...

Rose, I found this to be a lovely meditation, rooted and grounded in the Word of God. Up front, deep down, heartwarming and personal. Thanks. ~~+~~

Tracy Krauss said...

Thank you for this lovely and thought provoking post

Rose McCormick Brandon said...

Thanks Peter and Tracy for your kind comments. It always warms my heart to think that I belong to God, that He's my very own God. So personal.

Glynis said...

Lovely, Rose. So true. O God you are my God and I will EVER praise you! Thanks for the gentle reminder, Rose.

Kathie Chiu said...

Thanks for that lovely post, Rose. The Lord knows when we need to hear things.

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