Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Conversation with God--den Boer

Hi God,

What should I write about today?

Write about me.

You are difficult to write about. The words aren't big enough.

I can say you are amazing, divine, glorious, powerful, wonderful, majestic, awe-inspiring, good, full of love, truth and righteousness. But, somehow these words have been cheapened.

We call a game amazing, food divine, a sunset glorious, a smell powerful, music wonderful, a mountain majestic, a person awe-inspiring, a meal good, a house full of love, a colour true and a song righteous. You are far superior. You made the world and everything in it and the whole universe besides.

You just wrote about me. Thank you.

Marian den Boer is an author and latent writer. 

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Peter Black said...

Marian, for me to say (as I'm inclined to do)that you pulled another perky piece out of the bag, this time, wouldn't do justice. You certainly did do that - and more. Thanks for raising a smile and stimulating thought, and elevating my focus from the natural and temporal to the spiritual and Eternal One, in so few words. ~~+~~

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