Friday, May 30, 2014

Half a Ton of Books and Things—den Boer

What does 900 pounds of  bookstore product look like? I would find out soon.  According to the phone call these books were being delivered on a skid which would be inconveniently placed outside the little back door at our little Christian bookstore.

Head office had been sending us lengthy emails about this shipment for weeks. Nothing about what kind of books, or what else was coming, just that the product was coming (lots of product) and we were being asked to sell it all Dutch Auction style.

At a Dutch Auction the prices go down as the sale proceeds. The early birds have selection and those who wait get deals.

I imagine half a ton of product wrapped in plastic sitting on the pavement outside the store. I imagine a rain storm. I imagine traipsing in and out of the store bringing in box after box. I imagine the pile slowly reassembling in the middle of the store. I imagine a backache.

Then I go to a tea party with my husband's cell phone in my pocket, expecting it to vibrate when the delivery comes.

A hour and a half, several cups of tea, a piece of pie, five licorice sticks and much conversation later, I decide to check the phone. The skid has arrivedover an hour ago.

I rush down to the store. The others are already there. They have already traipsed in with the several dozen boxes. A sign is posted announcing the Dutch Auction next week.

The early birds did everything. I got the deal. I'm told that's how a Dutch auction works. Did I tell you I'm Dutch?

Marian den Boer works (sometimes) at The Gospel Lighthouse in Hamilton, Ontario. Dutch Auction starts June 4th. Marian will be there June 9th.


Christine Faour said...

Way to go Marian! You made me smile today- all the best with your Dutch auction.

Peter Black said...

Heh! Heh! You raise a smile and a chuckle, Marian.
"Imagine . . ." you said. It worked--I certainly did imagine!
If that auction has yet to take place I trust it will be a huge success, with a greatly diminished book poundage left over to move! :) ~~+~~

Kathleen Gibson said...

Where's your store? I'm on my way with another nine hundred pounds, mostly used books from a pastor's library! (Kidding.) BTW, black licorice sticks work for me too, Marian. Love the visuals in this little slice of your life.

Ellie said...

Congratulations! Is this a new book?

Tracy Krauss said...

love it! This is so funny. It would be a good short anecdote for an anthology

Yo said...

All I see is a story where you drink tea and WE work!!!

Carolyn R. Wilker said...

You tell a good story, Marian. Best wishes with your auction,

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