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Designation or Destination? SUSAN HARRIS

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose." Jim Elliot wrote in his journal on October 28, 1949.

On 30th June, 2014, I too will give up something.

It would be accurate to say I'm attracted to the "people" industry and that attraction may have led to a career in Human Resources. Many who are serious about HR pursue the coveted CHRP (Certified Human Resource Practitioner) designation, and I decided to head there. In 2008 I was inducted into the CCHRA, the Canadian Council of Human Resources Association.

I re-certified in 2011, but since I had shifted into project management, finding credits to maintain the designation proved challenging. Relocating did not help as I had to leave behind the mentoring post that would have added valuable points.

While still in the post of project manager, I decided to return to HR, and sent out resumes accordingly. But like Cinderella's carriage that lasted for a time, those offers were no longer coming my way. It became evident to those around me that the corporate world was fast becoming a thing of the past, and a new era of writing, publishers, guilds and media replaced the HR focus in a smooth and natural flow. But I had studied hard and invested a ton of money into HR education, prep courses and formal exams. I was fond of my title that showed my proven expertise in a field where many dreaded to tread and where many failed too. I was vested in my CHRP.
June 2014 is the month for recertification. Nothing short of a miracle would provide the 200 credits needed.
I considered volunteering but the bumps were too well placed to be coincidental. The companies I approached did not need volunteers. Some did not respond to my cold-call emails. I had spent my entire life in church but churches could not accept me as their by-laws only allowed elected members in the capacities I sought.

Recently, still searching for ideas to maintain the designation, I heard out of the blue space the whisper of a name. "Ann V." I couldn't spell the last name but I had glimpsed the dark-haired author once on the television program, 100 Huntley Street, although I had not read her book nor even knew its title.
Landing on her website I read two simple lines. "I had a full-tuition scholarship to university and never finished. I married a Farmer instead & came home to gravel road & cornfields." (
Peace settled.
I too had married a farmer. One with emerald eyes that the stone on my engagement ring attempted to mimic. And I came home to canola fields and cats.

"GIVE IT UP," God was saying. And I was released from the designation to the destination He had planned for me.

I'll continue to be a "CHRP-less" member of the Saskatchewan Association of Human Resources Professionals and live by the ethics. I know that my love for people and compassion for humanity is spurred by the mind of Christ. I've picked up His cause as my cause, and I only need to hear from Him in order to be successful.

Are you struggling to let go?

 (An excerpt from "Insights into Being Successful Right Where You Are" coming later in 2014). 

Susan Harris latest book Remarkably Ordinary - 20 Reflections on Living Intentionally Right Where You Are is available at your favourite Amazon site.

Susan Harris is a former teacher in Management of Business. Her credentials include a B.Sc. in Management Studies, post-graduate diploma in Education, Diploma in Writing, Diploma in Human Resources and Industrial Relations, Certificate in Theology. She holds membership with the Canadian Council of Human Resources Association (until June 30, 2014) and notable writing groups in Canada. She is the author of four books - Remarkably Ordinary, Golden Apples in Silver Settings (White Lily Press), Little Copper Pennies and Little Copper Pennies for Kids (Borealis Press). Alphabet on the Farm will be released in the fall from Borealis Press. Susan was born on the tropical island of Trinidad but now lives in the city of Melville with her husband, daughter and the gregarious cats, where she is on contract as Tourism & Economic Development Manager.

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