Tuesday, April 23, 2013

God, I Don't Want To by Rose McCormick Brandon

When we know what we should do but don't want to do  . . . God can cause us to want to.
I don't mean that He will force us. But that He can put the "want to" in us, if we want Him to.
We may find someone unlovable but God says "love them." Impossible. Unless . . . we open our hearts and let Him cause us to want to love.
God may ask us to speak to someone about a particular subject, perhaps their own need of Christ. Yikes! What if they reject what we have to say? God can cause us to want to speak and not to care about the consequences.
What if we wake up one morning and God says, "Give x number of dollars to Joe." Can't Lord. Don't have enough. Don't want to. Joe doesn't deserve it.
When we know what we should do but don't want to . . . we can ask God to put the "want to" in us.
God's "want to" helps us see things from His perspective, the inside of a person instead of the outside. He closes our ears to their language and behavior and causes us to see how they really feel.
Do you need to have God's perspective on a person or situation today? God specializes in this. Paul found this out and wrote about in a letter to the Philippians.
For it is God who is at work within you, giving you the will and the power to achieve his purpose. (2:13)
Let's ask Him to do this for us.

Lord, give me your "want to" today. Re-align my perspective so that it lines up with yours.


Rose McCormick Brandon is an award-winning writer who specializes in personal experience, faith, life stories and the British Home Child Immigration period of Canadian history. Rose is married to Doug, an investment consultant, with whom she also co-authors articles on finances. Visit her blogs: The Promise of Home and Listening to My Hair Grow. Contact address: rosembrandon@yahoo.ca


Peter Black said...

That's the blessed crunch, isn't it, Rose. It's in the wanting . . .
And what joy when we get it right!
(Your chosen verse from Phil. 2 continually inspires me.)
Thanks for the challenge and inspiration.

Rose McCormick Brandon said...

Hi Peter - yes, what joy we have when we get it right - you said it.

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