Thursday, December 15, 2011

When your post gets 65,000 visits - Denyse O'Leary

Recently, I had the odd experience of writing a post (for an education site) that suddenly got 65,000 hits. The big problem was convincing my bosses that I didn’t know how it happened and was sure it would never happen again: Here's the post:
Recently, a Canadian high school teacher broke the silence about where cultural relativism really leads.
He told his Ontario students the horrific true story of the mutilation of an Afghan girl fleeing her abusive husband. He wanted to begin a study of moral philosophy with a case that students would surely agree on. But they didn’t. Most could not “pass judgment on another culture.”

Which sheds an interesting light on tolerance and diversity education: Apart from the idea of justice and injustice (moral judgment), all they can teach is moral imbecility.

A couple of other posts on related subjects that many readers found helpful were:

When we celebrate diversity, what exactly are we celebrating? And “Does a man’s honor really lie between the legs of a woman?”, unpacking the same issue using different news stories.

Our regular education offerings may also be worth a look:

Should a student go into social science? Social science’s house is on fire, and top guns don’t seem to notice.

Should a student go into criminal justice? Consider the obstacles first. The obstacles are very real, and many are misrepresented.

That’s what our The Best Schools site is like: hard-hitting. In an age when many angry students are hitting the streets because their degrees and debt don’t lead to jobs, we offer a real world look. We don’t say, you can’t. We do say, know and work with the risks.


Peter Black said...

Denyse, Wow! -- 65,000 hits. Surely your post struck a viral chord. Thanks for the links to the relevant posts... Provided context.
How desperately the Light of the World is needed among those cultures indicated, and also right here amongst a generation raised to view ethics and justice as though through frosted glass.

Marian said...

Our culture has to wake up soon. We are in a deep stupid.

Diana Dart said...

Fascinating stuff here, Denyse. Thanks for the links to well written, hard-hitting content.

Charles Van Gorkom said...

I was devastated to read your post. It deserves 65 million reads. The handwriting is on the wall, veils are falling, the future exposed. We all will need more faith. Look to your children, people! Teach them to think and build their most holy faith along with your own. The time is short.

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