Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Not Whining But Thankful - Derksen

Spring has sprung, to quote a long oft quoted poet, and my heart sings in anticipation of how God will reveal Himself this summer. Oh I know He lives when I see the green haze of new growth on farmer's fields. He makes each day a new day for us to pick up where we left off the day before or...begin anew...whatever is needed so we can walk as His Holy children.

At a recent weekend event, we were challenged to go seven entire days without complaining. Have you ever tried to last through one whole day, never mind seven, with no whining, no complaining? This is hard. We are perpetual complainers, aren't we?

We whine when we have a pain in our leg, forgetting to thank God that we have a leg to complain about. We whine that our hot lunch is cold when so many people in the world are lucky to get lunch at all. Our complaints extend to how tired we are after a productive day of writing when we should be thankful that the words flowed so well.

The Bible asks us in many places to encourage one another with our words but instead we complain that our glasses are scratched or our shoes have a hole in them. I don't know about you but someone who spends their time expressing the misery in their life, but nothing else, soon loses my attention.  I listen for the words that say they are content with their lot in life, thankful that they have glasses or shoes, but...they complain that their oatmeal was cold that morning.

I recently read a story to my grandchildren about a family of rabbits who lived through Jesus' death and resurrection. Not once did Jesus complain about the way he was treated. Not one word of whining was heard as the soldiers lashed Him with that cat of nine tails. When they demanded He be crucified, He never objected. When they pounded those rusty nails through His innocent hands, He asked His Father to forgive them.

I don't know about you but Jesus is my example for gracious living, for enjoying the benefits of getting up in the morning and looking out my window to the absence of snow. He sets the tone for how I will receive my neighbour who only wants to talk when I have a writing deadline to meet. His example makes seven days of no whining possible.

I challenge you. Try not whining...and you will be surprised how often you do...for seven whole days. If you catch yourself, you start again at day 1. Pretty soon you will discover that you've got a glass that's half full instead of half empty. You will find that your day shines brighter and that love fills your heart more often than hate or discontent. Have a great day, for the next seven days' and then seven days after that. Not whining but thankful.

Barbara Ann Derksen is about to release Fear No, the third in a murder mystery series,t and Chaps, Devotions about God's Armor, her fourth devotional. er website is under construction but by the end of May both books will be available for purchase at www.barbaraannderksen.com

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Peter Black said...

What a challenge, Barabara Anne! As thankful a soul as I like to be (or think myself to be), even a seven hour stint of no whining or complaining will be a stretch for me. Thank you for bringing perspective through the light of our Lord's patience and suffering for us on the cross.

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