Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Week – Lawrence

We have just emerged from the intensity of Holy Week, the bewilderment of Good Friday, and the amazement of the resurrection of our Lord on Easter Sunday. All through this week of Easter we keep coming back to the wonder of all that has happened.

As in a near death of a family member and his or her miraculous recovery we keep coming back to that person and saying, I can hardly believe this is real; I’m so glad you’re all right; you gave us all such a scare, so the disciples, in the first days and weeks following Christ’s death and resurrection, must have been full of wonder and, at the same time, absolute amazing disbelief, each time they saw their Master.

Jesus Christ proved on Good Friday and Easter Sunday that God loves us totally, by sacrificing his only Son on the cross for our sins.

"We can’t believe that we’re loved with nothing in exchange, absolutely nothing. Our real value depends on what we are and not on what we do. We continually try to be good people, whatever that means. In reality we are not always good, but we are holy. Being good is something that we earn or acquire or achieve, but we’re holy because we came forth from God." Simplicity by Richard Rohr, P. 93.

During Lent we remembered, once more, our sinful ways; now, in Easter-tide, we are reminded again of God’s love for us and his gift to us of holiness.

[Coming soon: Non-fiction Book:
Highway of Holiness: Soul Journey
by Judith Lawrence]


Peter Black said...

What a lovely Easter Week reflection, Judith. Ah, astounding alchemy of grace - righteousness imputed and holiness imparted!
As Charles Wesley exulted:
"Amazing love, How can it be that Thou, my God [in Christ], shouldst die for me.

Eleanor Shepherd said...

Thank you for this straight forward reminder of the grace we receive.

SEM said...

I agree with Elenor, all Christians and God's children need a reminder ever now and then. Especially at Easter. It's amazing when people are reminded they donate more to Christian charities

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