Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Top Ten Reasons to Get Married - Meyer

Well, I (we) just passed our 3oth wedding anniversary (on December 20th) so maybe that makes me an expert now!

So for all those of you out there contemplating taking that BIG step, here is my list of the top ten reasons why you should get married.

1. When you get old (very old), there will be someone around who understands your one-liners and quotes from old (very old) TV shows. “Oh, no, we took a wrong turn at Albuquerque!”

2. Being married to your best friend ensures that your best friend won’t move away (like they did in grade school, high school, college…).

3. It’s wonderful when someone knows all your weird quirks, habits and preferences and loves you in spite of and/or because of them!

4. It’s nice to not have to explain all those weird quirks, habits and preferences. Yes, I do like to put milk on my cereal in the morning and let it soak until it’s nice and soggy before I eat it – why? I don’t know.

5. Reason #5... Well, King David had the right idea – just the wrong person (see I Kings 1: 1-4 for details). When you get past menopause (those days when you want to throw away the covers and not, definitely not, cuddle), it’s nice to have someone to keep you warm at night.

6. It’s nice, very nice, to have someone to come home to.



9. It’s a great feeling to have a lifetime of shared memories with someone you love.

10. Okay, there’s another great reason but I’ll let all you young folks figure that one out on your own.

Suffice it to say, getting married is a good idea. Staying married is an even better idea.
Take it from me – a bona fide expert now!

Dorene Meyer

(Romance) Author of Deep Waters, The Little Ones and Jasmine
Now in book stores across Canada
Distributed by Word Alive Press
Available online and as ebook on Amazon (key in title of book and publisher: Word Alive Press).

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Peter Black said...

Congratulations Dorene!

Thanks for this fun look at your top ten list, taking the covers off your accumulated wisdom.:)

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