Thursday, January 06, 2011

Reflecting on a few nonfiction books - Hall

During the year I keep a list of what I consider the best books for that year. Only a few days into 2011, and I've already got a book on this year's list. Last Christmas my husband received a copy of Counterfeit Gods by Tim Keller. He read it and raved about it, but I didn't start it until just a few days ago. It really is a remarkable book about the 'idols' that control us - even us Christians can get so involved in doing good church work, that we miss Jesus. Highly recommended.

Earlier in 2010 I read Wayne Jacobsen's book He Loves Me. It was like a breath of fresh air. There is nothing I can do to make God love me more, and there is nothing I can do to make God love me less. All he wants is me, not what I can 'do' for him.

Our small group is in the middle of studying through Holy Curiosity by Winn Collier. This is an amazing book which tackles all the tough issues that we all grapple with - even if we don't admit it out loud. He talks about doubt and feeling abandoned by God. And as I make my way through this Christian life and journey, usually on the knife-edge between doubt and faith, it was refreshing to realize that other Christians have struggled with major issues as well. A good book for small group study - if you happen to be looking for one.

This past August, Ruth Haley Barton was the keynote speaker at our denomination's annual convention. I bought her book, Sacred Rhythms and it is amazing! It's all about listening to God and carving out times and spaces to be with him.

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Peter Black said...

Thank you Linda for these book picks. I'd seen or heard of most of the titles but knew nothing about them. These thumbnails of them are very helpful.

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