Sunday, December 12, 2010

Remembering the Manger - Belec

I'm thinking that Jesus would likely upturn a few tables or two if he saw some of the wretched so-called Christmas gift items that might just be found on the shelves of some of our local Stuffmarts.

I receive a newsletter from an organization who does tend to be a little overzealous sometimes about some matters, ecologically speaking. But for the most part, they put out an informative bit of news each day and some of their articles are down right interesting.
Yesterday an article described the top ten terrible toys. Bear in mind that these are marketed towards children.

1. Hannibal Lecter Action Figure - a cannibalistic serial-killer doll.
2. Barbie Little Red Riding Hood complete with fishnet knee-highs, dominatrix stilettos, a micro-mini, a lace-up corset...
3. Shapeshifters Weapon Punisher, which is like a transformer with sexual inuendo
4. Boogaz Pick ‘n’ Flick Launcher
5. Pee and Poo Plush Dolls

I think I will stop here. My stomach turns when I read about such garbage. What kind of people think up these things and who in their right mind would sell [or buy] such trash? Don't people realize that 'garbage in = garbage out?'

Don't get me wrong. I am no prude and I enjoy a laugh more than once a day.
But, God must shake His head and regret the day He gave us free will when He sees such disgusting ways that people try to make their almighty dollar. And they call these Christmas gift suggestions? Bah humbug on that one.

It is beyond me, anyway, why people celebrate Christmas if they do not believe in Jesus. Of course, like I said - the mighty dollar is the impetus. Please God, remind me to do my part to stay off that bandwagon.

There is so much razamataz and hooplah around this time of the year that annoys me, although I really do love Christmas as a celebration. I have to be careful that the soft, joyful cries of the tiny Babe do not get obliterated by the incessant noise and perversions of the reason for the season. I'm trying. I'm trying.

[Keep me focussed, Lord. Remind me to look beyond the tinsel and the trinkets. Help me stand up and state my disgust at things that undermine and bring shame to you, my Heavenly Father.]

Thank goodness, God has a perfect Way to put life into perspective. Remembering the Manger.

Now I feel much better. Now it all makes sense. If we had a perfect world, then God would not have had to send His blessed Son to this earth. Come Lord Jesus, come. [We sure do need You!]

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Peter Black said...

Thanks Glynis,
I followed you closely in this little rant, and I raved!
You have my vote; the point is right on.
And your concluding point brings in the proper and needful perspective.
Yes, Jesus is our perfect Saviour for an imperfect world.

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