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Christmas Celebration - Atchison

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a celebration of family togetherness. We celebrate giving and receiving, extending joy, and feeling happiness.

While the celebration of the birth of Jesus should be the main event, it is becoming less important within the busy holiday season. It becomes the simple act of going to church on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Other priorities of purchasing and wrapping presents, visiting Santa, attending parties and social events, making family arrangements and preparing fancy meals and treats becomes what we focus on most.

Most people are lucky at Christmas to have family to celebrate the holidays with, to visit, and spend time with. For others, their family members may be too far away and it is impossible for them to be together. Some folks don’t have much family left or are estranged. Christmas becomes a time where we reflect on family and what our families mean to us.

The best part about Christmas celebrations is that people (and organizations) open their hearts and homes so that even if someone is alone, invitations are extended and those who are not as fortunate have a place to go for Christmas and are welcomed.

The celebration of Christmas for some is to give. Children love to receive their presents from Santa and also learn what giving means as they too prepare for the celebration of Christmas. It is the unexpected gifts we receive, whether it is a simple handshake or hug from someone whose respect we dearly seek, or the friendly smile from someone who brightens our day when things just aren’t going right.

We extend joy throughout Christmas by doing little things for others and sharing the joy of the holiday season by being a little bit more patient and helpful with each other. It is the time of year where people love to do for others and do receive joy from simple acts of giving.

Christmas has different meaning for all individuals, whether they celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ or not. Christmas is still a spiritual holiday. God has helped us with this by helping us to help others during this holiday season. Whether we embrace Christmas or not, we do find ways of celebrating it one way or another, of giving and accepting gifts of the heart, extending joy and perhaps finding a little happiness in an otherwise very hectic time.

Patricia L. Atchison
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Peter Black said...

Thank you, Patricia, for this timely focus.
I particularly appreciate your point "It is the unexpected gifts we receive ..." drawing attention to those simple life-brightening kindnesses that we experience or participate in that help make Christmas a precious celebration.

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