Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Eventful Memories - Atchison

Events occur throughout our lifetime helping us realize how far we have come in life. As I look to the start of the 2010 Vancouver, British Columbia Winter Olympics this February, I am brought back in time to the 1988 Winter Olympics that were held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

I was five months pregnant at the time, expecting my first child. A nervous mother-to-be, a career oriented woman, and a loving wife to my husband of five years. I remember stepping down the huge steps at Canada Olympic Park, ready to watch the ski jumping. I was tired, a little grumpy and very uncomfortable. It was a hectic drive to the shuttle area, an hour’s drive across the busy city streets, and then an hour or two wait while sitting on rustic earthen benches to see if the ski jumping would actually occur because of the extreme winds due to a Chinook that had blown in.

It turns out the event was cancelled, out of the stands we climbed, and it was back onto the bus across town. I am sure as I took that ride and cradled my abdomen with my hands I thought of the baby’s future, of our future as a family. Would I be a good Mom? Would our finances be enough to sustain us with a new baby? I prayed that night for the good health of my baby and for our future.

Twenty-two years later, I still pray every night for the safety of our daughter, our only child. She came with some difficulty in early June of 1988, three weeks ahead of my due date. Healthy and happy, our baby girl has grown into a full grown woman, and will be graduating this spring with a Bachelor of Nursing degree. I watch as she creates her own life now as an adult. Her dreams and goals are strong. It is a blessing that she has chosen a career where she can be a health professional helping those in need. Her heart is kind and gentle.

I have always considered my daughter one of God’s children. I know with God’s help and prayer, we have been able to bring a healthy baby into the world, and watch her grow. We have always said that we would be there for her, and we still are. I knew we would not have any financial trouble in raising her and we haven’t.

It is with warm heartfelt happiness that I greet the 2010 Winter Olympics. The memories the event is triggering remind me of the past and our delightful yet scary times over the years. As I lie down to sleep tonight, I shall once again pray for my daughter and the good parts of our lives and hope that the next twenty years will be as good as the last ones. Who knows, maybe the 2030 Winter Olympics will return to Calgary and maybe I can take my grandchildren to see the ski jumping, and just maybe they will have brand new seating and stairs.

Patricia L. Atchison

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Dolores Ayotte said...

I really enjoyed reading your article. It brought a smile to my face because I have some fond memories of my own. Good memories and future dreams are wonderful gifts. :)

Peter Black said...

Thank you Patricia. I wrote a comment the other day, but I guess I didn't hit the send button.
However, I'm sure that the mothers among our readers will identify most with the very interesting mother-to-be experience you share. As a father and grandfather, I understand fully your compulsion to pray daily for your daughter.

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