Monday, January 04, 2010

Divine Distortion - Arends

Here is my latest Christianity Today column, featuring Adam, Eve, my duo partner Spencer, an ebay fraudster who bilked me of my money, and some ideas about God's character and grace.  I'd love to hear how it hits you!

Our Divine Distortion
We can't see God clearly without Jesus. O come, Emmanuel.


Peter Black said...

Painful experience for you, Carolyn; but one that was evidently a "live and learn" sort of thing. Your "baring all" honesty in this article helps others of us to look out for the distorted perspective trap.
Thank you.

Carolyn Arends said...

Thank you, Peter. I appreciate your faithfulness in providing input too!

violet said...

Carolyn, I enjoy everything you write. In this piece, I love how your word play (e.g. Father God - Godfather) takes us on new tributaries of thought. Your newest record is so fine too. Good stuff!!

Carolyn Arends said...

Thanks Violet! It's great when someone catches what you're throwing! :-)

Glynis said...

"The Son gets in His eyes. The sin gets in my eyes..." very clever and so thought provoking. Thanks for stirring me into some serious contemplation. Good job, Carolyn.

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