Monday, June 16, 2008

Drive-by Book Signing - Grove

I accidentally invented something.

I think it could catch on. I could get rich from this invention! It's perfect for today's 'go-go-go' society.
Publishers are always looking for ways they can 'brand' an author - ways of getting the author before as many people as possible in order to maximize sales and increase the 'buzz' about the book, the author, and the message.

Well, I've gone and invented the Mother of all opportunities.
It all happened late Saturday evening. I was in Guelph visiting with my sister-in-law and her family. I was tired and somewhat giddy (having just spent the previous three days at the Granddaddy of all writer's shin-digs right there in that very city), and I didn't have my head screwed on right.

I got into the car to go to Brampton (my hubby's parents live there and were driving me to their house for the night, then taking me to the airport in the morning), settled in the back seat and was waving goodbye. Then, my sister-in-law (who did have her head screwed on right) remembered she hadn't paid me for the copies of Hot Apple Cider she had bought. As she ran for the cash, I called out, "I forgot to sign them too!"

Moments later she and her hubby returned to the car, cash and books in hand. I stayed in the car as my brother-in-law handed me book after book to autograph (6 of them). As we did this, it hit us! This is perfect! Drive through book signings! We have drive thru banks, dry cleaners, fast food joints, and coffee bars. Why not book signings? Legions of fans can line the streets while authors, tucked into the back seats of cars can inch along, grabbing books, signing them, and tossing them back into the crowds.

Great, eh?
Of course there could be the problem of an author tossing a book out and it not connecting to the owner of the book. Or, they could, sometimes sign a book they didn't write - I mean they would be moving at a fair clip, right? To accommodate the great numbers of people who want an autograph. Then there would be the issue of innocent bystanders getting smacked upside the head with a wayward flying book (there's insurance for that right?). Hmm...
What's that?
You say that the 'old fashioned' way of holding events safely indoors in books stores is the best way to do book signings? Well, I see your point. Probably a lot less people will end up injured. But it's not very progressive!
Say what?
You think I'm still over tired from the big writer's brew-ha-ha? Maybe I should go lay down until the feeling passes?

Maybe you're right.
Bonnie Grove

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