Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Gift of Leadership - Mann

Godly leaders are neither born nor made, but rise from the steady flame of reflection, a longing for meaningful change, great courage and a history of shouldering responsibility and honouring others (Joyce Strong).

The other side of leadership is when it’s evasive. First, you see it—then you don’t. Or when leadership is ambiguous—you understand it one way and then it fools you and suggests a double meaning. I have become somewhat cautious of leadership over the years—even in the church. Not because of personal situations, as much as seeing vulnerable people reach out in trusting ways and be misled

Think for a moment about the word reflection. I believe this is a perfect word for leadership. How do we influence through our leadership? And what kind of influence do we want to create? Whom do we reflect in our leadership?

Perhaps the most challenging issue is not knowing when we affect change through our leadership or how much. Maybe the frightening part of this is realizing that we actually give leadership even when we’re not aware of doing it.

Our old farmhouse faces the road. Because of this southerly exposure, and the barn standing east of the house, we never see a sunrise. What we cannot miss is the effect all around us, of the sun. We watch the bush from our west window come brilliantly alive with colour. The farmer’s yellow metal barn out the west window reflects the sun’s brightness and turns radiant. Sometimes, just the tips of the treetops change before our eyes and reflect the surrounding glow. Regardless of what direction we look, we see transformation.

And more times than desired, the effect of change is gone as quick as it appears and the back yard looks beautiful, touched and fresh.

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