Friday, April 11, 2008

The Best Surprises - Harris

Last Sunday we had a plan.

We would head to the coulees and walk to down the red shale path toward the river. Perhaps we'd find a crocus. Or a robin. Or a few white tailed deer. We'd stand on the foot bridge and look down at the water.

As I opened the front door, I noticed the slightest hint of a bonfire in the air. Saw the slightest cloud of smoke to the west. "Must be spring. Someone's starting a fire in their pit," I quipped.

As my husband locked the front door, two fire engines whizzed past us. Smoke billowed over the horizon. We managed to slide in front of the jam of cars forming at the traffic lights. But, as we headed toward downtown, three more fire trucks and two police cars roared down the other lane. Lights flashing. Sirens blaring.

The coulees were on fire.

So we drove toward the mountains.

An hour and half later, we entered the empty Town of Waterton: An enchanted winter kingdom that comes to life when cottagers and tourists return every Victoria Day.

But we were welcomed royally: Dozens of deer grazed on the meadows beside the town's entrance, more raised their heads in surprise as we passed by the snowy streets. Canada geese bugled from the lakeshore.

As we stood in the centre of town, under a snowy mountain, amazed by the half frozen waterfall, we realized that we had not planned this adventure.

This was God's little surprise. A treat for his kids.

His surprises & opportunities come when you least expect them. And when you're ready to heed that little voice that says: "Stop That. Go here. Now. Take a look. And see."

As we headed back to the prairie, we slowed our car for the elk grazing on along the road. At least one hundred of them. Warily watching us, perhaps wondering how we came to be in the park when humans were out of season.

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Linda Wegner said...

There is nothing more beautiful than spring on the prairies! Well said, Jane.

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