Friday, July 27, 2007

Reality Cheque - Aarsen

I want to thank Deborah for her post yesterday. She makes an important point. I am on the other side of the literary page, if you will. I write popular fiction for two different houses, Steeple Hill/Love Inspired and Guideposts. I'm happy where I am and I enjoy writing the books I do. They might not have the staying power of some of the more literary books that are out there, but they fill an important niche as well. The many heartfelt letters I get from my readers are my evidence and comfort. They encourage me to stay the course. However, the reality for publishing houses is that while they may want to publish many beautiful and significant books, it's the popular books that carry the company. So a balance must be struck. Publish enough books that sell and sell well and then, in turn, they might have some budgeting room to publish the literary books that won't have stellar sales, but age well and will be meaningful several years down the road. The voices, that Deborah has said, that are crying in the wilderness. So I'm really happy where I am and thankful I can write the stories I do. A part of me would love to write a book that will last through more than a publishing cycle, but I know my limitations and I know my strengths. So I'm glad to be able to write books that might help the company post a profit so that other writing compatriots can publish their books that speak to something deeper in all of us. Books that will enhance the message I bring forward in a safe, comfortable environment of popular fiction.


Deborah said...

Hi Carolyne,

I love your attitude. And I know that doing what you do requires great skill, persistence and grace! And I'm thankful you have such a good reader response.

I wish more publishers shared your attitude. I think more did in the past---were willing to take a chance on less saleable but worthy books.

I know too that I will probably never write that lasting book for the ages. But I would sure like to be able to support somehow those who have the call to do so.


Janelle Clare Schneider said...

Thanks for the voice of encouragement, Carolyne! I also like to think of the fact that when readers pick up our popular fiction, they're just looking for a good story. They're not expecting ageless truth, and yet because you and I, and many others, write as we do, they find Truth anyway.

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