Sunday, November 11, 2018

The Sort of Day it Was

It was a good day; it was a challenging day. It was a pleasant time; it was an emotional one too. Like Dicken's opening to one of his books, it was a mixed collection of emotions and actions.

Starting early, I had my books already set up at the St. Stephen's Craft and Cookie Sale so we could begin at 8:30 am. I met people at our new church, had conversations with people from the community who came for the event, and I sold books which is always rewarding for the time and energy spent.


What was more challenging is more difficult to put into words. From the church event, I travelled to the church where just two weeks, less a few days, we said our formal goodbye to Mom.
This day, we’d inter her ashes at the Trinity Lutheran cemetery beside Dad. I suppose it's the finality of that ceremony on a cold and windy day when the thermometer hovers around zero but feels much colder. The weather, a taste of the beginning of winter, and a final action that matches the scene. It was chilly out there. Had it been summer, we might have lingered there longer after the ceremony, but on such a day, not as long as one might otherwise stay. We'll need a new plant there come spring.
Picture this scene with snow on the ground

Our family went from the chill at the church cemetery to the warmth of my sister and brother-in-law's home for a meal together. Picture the fireplace already going, salads being prepared, and a giant lasagna warming in the oven. The children, all cousins, played and had fun together. A few of us took turns holding one of the youngest members of the family, just over a month old, as she lay in our arms sleeping.

We talked again about the funeral service, people’s positive reception to the eulogy and the memories evoked as well as amusing stories that involved our mother and some members of her family, as well as the endearing ones. And because we had several generations present, things we'd miss about our mother/grandmother.

Mom enjoying a family wedding

After thanking our hosts, we were on our homeward trek, with two stops along the way, then finally glad to be home. By that time it was getting late. I needed time to gather thoughts, to put away my books and unwind from a long day. Sleep came easily, thankfully, unlike an earlier day this week.

 It was a good day, a challenging day. A day with laughter and tears, and a day of remembering — I suspect that will go on for months.


Peter Black said...

Thanks Carolyn for providing this warm inside view on your family's bereavement and paying loving respect to your mother's memory. May comfort, peace and deep abiding joy fill all your hearts, as you approach your first Advent and Christmas season since her home-call. ~~+~~

Carolyn R. Wilker said...

Thank you for your kind message, Peter, and for the greeting card that came in the mail this past week. Both are appreciated.

Peter Black said...

Carolyn, you are truly welcome. ~~+~~

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