Tuesday, September 26, 2017

God & the Details by Glynis M Belec

I really wasn't bothered about going, because I knew I had so much to do and it was an effort to make arrangements for my elderly father who lives with us, anyway.

But it was a generous gift and it would be a bit of precious time spent together, so we said 'yes'. Not to mention it would be rude not to accept the gift certificate from our kind daughter.

The gift certificate was for a riverboat cruise complete with 'Blazing Fiddles' entertainment and a full course meal to enjoy as we meandered our way down the Grand River in Caledonia.

It took a bit of arranging to get away, but everything fell into place and my Happy Hubby and I were off.

The BLAZING FIDDLES entertained us with some fine,
toe-tappin' tunes! Such fun. 
The weather was perfect. The drive was lovely. We even were able to leave early enough to enjoy breakfast at a local bistro. Life was good.

Then when we arrived a few hours later, it seemed quiet, peaceful and we winked at each other as we noticed the age group in attendance were up one or two levels from us! Would we be the youngsters here? But we were soon to discover that it's the older folks who come early. Before long, there were passengers of all ages, waiting to embark on the three hour tour!

Getting ready for a rousing spoon-playing
song. Happy Hubby wished he had brought
his along! 

We handed in our gift certificate and were directed to the complementary coffee/tea/muffin/butter tart area.

The music program happened in the cozy area right at dockside. We were treated to a musical medley filled with toe-tappin' tunes and an energy—contagious!

God had been up to something, I am convinced, last week. We haven't had vacation time or certainly not anytime together this summer. We weren't complaining about it and all was plodding along well. He knew that. But I also think He made all things work out because He wanted us to get away, even if it was for only a few hours.

A kind, gentle Captain with a great knowledge
of the area. 
We embarked. Our Captain was wonderful. He'd been working for the Grand River Tours organization for 19 years and as we settled in and cruised down the river, he shared every bit of knowledge that he could about the area.

It was wonderful. We had nowhere to go. My phone wouldn't work on the boat - well unless I went outside. I used it only once - to check on Dad. Then it became a camera only!

My Sweetie-Pie settling in for dinner

The water was a little murky because of the humidity, but a
beautiful meandering down the Grand River! 

It was the most peaceful, relaxing time we have enjoyed together in a while. We basically 'grazed' for three hours. The meal (appetizers, salads, fresh bread, roast beef dinner topped off with apple pie) was delicious. And we made some sweet friends along the way, too. There was a lovely worker from a group home who had taken two of her clients on the tour. We were sitting next to them and had some good laughs; what wonderful souls they were. I think that was a Divine appointment, too, as we heard some amazing stories and left inspired and encouraged.

I was thankful we made the effort to go on this excursion. We were most grateful that God blessed us with a glorious day, calm spirits, safety in travel, wonderful company, and a nice comfy bed to come home to!
A blessed day to remember. 

God's like that. He looks after his children so well and cares about the details. We didn't have to go on this cruise. But we are jolly glad we did. God made everything perfect, and for that we were (and still are) grateful!

The LORD has been mindful of us; He will bless us. Psalm 115:2a 

Glynis lives, loves, laughs and does an awful lot of reading, writing, publishing and praying in her home office. 
        How thrilled Glynis is to be part of CHRISTMAS WITH HOT APPLE CIDER - an anthology filled with a wonderful assortment of Christmas short stories, memories, drama and poetry. 


Carolyn R. Wilker said...

Looks and sounds like a good day's outing. Glad you could get away. Your reward for many things, including taking care of your father.

Carol Ford said...

Dear Glynis, I'm so glad that you at a special time. You give of yourself so freely to others. We do need to stop and realize how special a moment in time can be; a sunset, good health, the love of family.... Thank you for reminding us again to savour the moments. God's blessings on your day.

Glynis said...

Thanks, Carol and Carolyn. It was a lovely day. And you are right - moments in time can be just as special as an extended vacation - this one sure was! Happy Day to you both!

Ruth Smith Meyer said...

I'm really happy for you and Gilles to have that day away. It's a cruise I've wanted to take for a long time. Your story stirred me to find someone to go with me and finally DO it!

Glynis said...

Oh Ruth. You would love it. So peaceful and interesting! Yes. Take a friend and make a date! I don't think you will regret it one iota. Hopefully you have fine weather! It was a great reminder to me of God's blessings of relaxation without guilt!

Peter Black said...

I'm glad that you and Gilles were able to take and enjoy the cruise, Glynis. My sister and brother-in-law treated May and me to the Grand River Cruise about five years ago, when they went with their seniors group. The weather was perfect and we thoroughy enjoyed the whole event - and food! ~~+~~

Tracy Krauss said...

Sounds wonderful! We did a similar excursion a couple years ago on Okanagan Lake. Very relaxing.

Glynis said...

Oh Peter - so you know how positively relaxing it is. I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did. I think it helped with the perfect weather too, for us!

Glynis said...

Thanks, Tracy. I enjoy those relaxing times. They are far and few between these days, so maybe that is why they are extra special. I imagine the Okanagan Lake was beautiful!

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