Wednesday, June 07, 2017

How can we defend the right to think for ourselves? You need true grit and a thick skin - Denyse O'Leary

My latest at MercatorNet: Political correctness goes beyond organized lying; it is teaching a whole generation to silence alternative ideas and increasingly to use muscle as well as intimidation to do so.

Consider one recent incident. Anti-jihad activist Robert Spencer was poisoned in Iceland. After giving a talk on Islam which was harshly criticized in the media, he went to a restaurant. A “fan” of his work approached him and quietly laced his drink with Ritalin mixed with the party drug Ecstasy.
He ended up in hospital and the Reykjavik police are investigating.

Spencer’s account of his trip to Iceland reveals a concerted effort by almost of all media there to prevent him from being honestly heard and evaluated. They were not concerned about news but about the suppression of news, presumably in the interests of a social goal to which they think news-gathering should be sacrificed.

His experience was political correctness on a glass slide under the microscope. If Spencer’s concerns are justified, how would Icelanders know? Not through their media.

Here are five suggestions for reclaiming our right to think for ourselves: More.


Peter Black said...

Thanks Denyse. I find that these trends you point out and the willfully blind mindsets and obviously bullying behaviours perpetrated by some who hold such views is breathtakingly incomprehensible, especially in view of those persons' deemed intelligence. Mind you, I shouldn't suppose my comment would be considered by some to be any clearer than mud. ;)
Still, thanks for the alert, however troubling. ~~+~~

Rose McCormick Brandon said...

Thanks for your courage, Denyse. I find it dismaying and troubling that those who scream the loudest about liberty are most likely to suppress it. I appreciate how you so clearly explain the issue.

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