Thursday, November 17, 2016

A State of Readiness by Susan Harris

It’s been over a year since I’ve lived in readiness each day. In spiritual readiness to meet my Lord. In

mental readiness with uncluttered mind. In business readiness with files in order. Even the red lipstick laying next to red nail polish and shoes was ready since “fashion consultants are not necessarily hired in funeral homes,” I had observed to my husband. 

I continue to live in greater readiness now. With our house for sale, the home must be ever show-ready. Trash is removed daily. Laundry baskets are empty. Dishes are cleaned and put away immediately upon use. Closets are pleasing. Showers and tubs are spotless. Furniture and décor sparkle. I’ve done this for two weeks now and was astonished to discover that the initial displeasure of work overload in keeping the house show-ready has given way to a desire to do the chores with anticipation, for I have enjoyed living in a near-perfect house. The calm, the peace of de-cluttering and keeping organized is a state of readiness I want to emulate long after the house is sold and we've settled into the new one.

Matthew 24 and Proverbs 31 are but a few places in Scripture that point us to being ready and organized. It often takes a long time to get there but once there, is it repudiating to go back. I’m reminded too of Proverbs 26:11, As a dog goes back to its vomit, so too a fool repeats his foolishness. No fool’s classification for me.

I pray daily for guidance to live forward, upward, for things heavenly, my gaze fixed on high, to be ever ready. Truly when we seek the Kingdom first, all other things will be added, even housekeeping insight. The catching up in the physical realm is reassuring and it is far more important to have the spiritual intact over the physical but it sure feels good to have them both line up.

Susan Harris is the author of eleven books. Her thoughts are never far from Heaven and she lives in anticipation of Eternity.  She loves to share the good news of the hope of Heaven and to travel, but in travelling, is always conscious that as breathtaking as God’s creation is on earth, it is unmatched to what we will see in Eternity.


Peter Black said...

Kudos to you, Susan! An engaging and instructive piece, both for life-and-living as well as the spiritual dimension. But I smile. Some of those areas mentioned I observe fairly well. E.g.: scrub the bath out after my every use. My wife and I like our living space tidy and clean, while obviously 'lived-in,' but definitely not unkempt. (Hmm, my workshop and office workspace . . . another story!)~~+~~

Peter Black said...
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Susan Harris said...

My house has always been well kept too, Peter, but now it is impeccable. One can hardly tells it's lived in. I do have some cheats though such as taking my portable office into my car when I leave for a viewing :-). I'm sure your office will fall in stride soon.

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