Saturday, August 29, 2015

Surprise in Substitution by Donna Mann

Going camping. First check the weather report and then the freezer. Yes, it’s a go. But what if a low pressure system moves in, the temperatures drop, the sun hides behind cloud cover that leaks enough water to keep your rain barrel full about every two hours.  Besides the cloud cover disables the television and the internet – so what else is left? Lots!

Such was our experience this past week.  Just happened to have four good hockey biographies for Doug, watched three movies, and I read and edited my 43K inspirational novel. God bless the weatherm’am. We did a 120 degree turn and had three days of quality time: quietness, peace and good camp food. Even the cat had us all to herself.

Not all circumstances can be turned into something as positive as the above situation. Nor do we always just happen to have the necessary alternatives to compensate for that which we had planned.  Being resourceful helps, looking for the positive side is a good effort and being ready to make lemonade out of lemons is a gift.

Rather than having the opportunity to take lots of pictures of a shining lake, sunny beach and a blue sky with white fluffy clouds floating by, we settled for seeing the beauty in lily pads, a walk between showers and early to bed- early to rise kind of schedule.

So what was substituted and exchanged in this situation for the expected? Perhaps attitude, activities and adjustments. Not all was lost, for what we never had to begin with cannot be compared with what we gained in the long run. This parable gave itself life in day-to-day living. And it’s nice to watch it happen, especially if you’re the one living through it.


“Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am (Phil 4:11).” for upcoming news


Peter Black said...

What a delightful story, Donna! (Maybe you got the rain that May was hoping to refresh our grass and garden!) It sounds like you accomplished a whole lot, and Doug and you had a lovely time and were blessed. ~~+~~

Glynis said...

Look at you, Lady Optimism. Like I always say when I stand up in front of a group of people to speak about hope - we have two choices - wallow in self pity or put on our big girl stretchy pants and start mixing the lemonade. Way to go, Donna. Sounds like you and your favourite young fella' had a wonderful time. You always give me the impression that you find every day is a gift. Such a wonderful way to face whatever is tossed our way. And the cat did not attack this time - life is good. :)

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