Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Morning After - MANN

I returned home from Write!Canada totally zonked. My energy drained as I willingly released it in scurrying from appointments to workshops to continuing classes. No time to put up my feet and too much caffeine slowly ushered me into the delightful position of information-overload. I hugged friends I hadn’t seen for a year, kept tabs on my VISA as I chose books in the overflowing bookstore. Thank you Word Guild for providing these schedules and a great bookstore.

I find writing this Morning Page extremely stressful as I spent my Continuing Class with Kathryn Dean, a catch-it-all editor who appeared to enjoy her class as much as I did as participant. Thank you Word Guild for your excellent choice of faculty.

As a Word Guild volunteer responsible for billeting, I had opportunity to place two registrants with welcoming hosts. Many volunteers and staff work together to offer the best, longest and biggest conference for writers who are Christian, in Canada. Awesome! Three, I want to mention with full appreciation with many others: Heidi – we love you. I do enjoy my chicken soup, casseroles and BBQs, Brian for your undying effort to provide books for us. And a special thank you to Adele for your story and song. What a witness – truly an offering overflowing with grace. And Charlie didn’t have to do anything to get something – a true example of God’s unconditional love gave her opportunity to affirm Jesus love for him. What a gift!

I came to the conference, tired from the previous late night at the Gala, yet vigorously elated from winning the Long-Feature-Article award. Thank you for Word Guild sponsors.

As good as it was, I reflect quickly on some missed opportunities: being in the wrong place at the wrong time, getting side-tracked in interviews and at the end of the day, wondering about some of my choices. Yet, each of the above was a learning opportunity and does not take away from invitations to submit further work, encouragement to continue in the writing process and to welcome mentorship. So I press on!

Even though my cat seemed surprised to see me sitting in my chair this morning, she tested our friendship by immediately jumping up and claiming her space. And my Happy Hubby asked, “Is this Mother’s Day or Father’s Day?” as he brought coffee and juice to my side table.

Where to from here? What do I do with the plethora of writing guidelines, purchased and free books, piles of hand-outs and notes from classes? I’m going to take some of my own advice from leading the Orientation class last year: Make my lists, set my priorities, set some goals, create a calendar and begin my writer’s prayer log, but right now, I’m going back to bed ( 9:00 AM Sunday).

Donna Mann

P.S. I just checked Judith’s Blog schedule and I see where I’m due on Tuesday, so today’s Morning Pages have graduated to my blog.

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Peter Black said...

Oh, Donna,
I suspect you are voicing what many of us Write! Canada returnees experienced and are experiencing now -- such as an exhilarated exhaustion and several unfulfilled objectives, gloriously offset by fresh equipping and renewed hopes and dreams.
I certainly identify on a number of levels. Thank you for directing me to my hosts for the Wednesday night. I had a wonderful time. :)

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