Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Election - Boge

How do you feel about the Conservatives winning a majority government in Canada? What do you think about the Orange Crush in Quebec? How do feel about Ignatieff leading the tank of the liberal party? Do you think the Conservative ads against Iggy were too much? (Michael Ignatieff. He didn’t come back for you. You can check it out on youtube if you want to see them).

It’s refreshing to have a Christian in a majority position as the leader of our government. It’s a privilege for sure. But it comes with a reminder that the responsibility for a great Country doesn’t rest with the government.

It rests with the people.

We have four years, at least, until the next election. We can’t do everything – and when I say ‘we’ I mean each of us individually. You will have to pick your battles and I’ll have to pick mine. I think of Dietrich Bonhoeffer who often thought about what it meant to be responsible as a citizen and as a Christian.

What will your contribution to Canada be over the next four years?

Yes, church work is important. Yes, writing is important. Yes, family is important.

But what are we as Christians doing for Canada?

Are we building homes for the homeless?

Are we offering to care for unwed, pregnant teens who are contemplating abortion?

Are we conducting ourselves to the highest possible standards when we are overseas on business as Canadians?

In short, today I'm asking myself this question: How will Canada be a better country four years from now because of me?

If you have suggestions, feel free to share.

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Peter Black said...

My post in this blog of April 27th pretty well provides my response to your question regarding political attack ads (at least, in response to their cruel nature as we've seen in recent years). Your questions regarding practical areas of endeavor to represent Christ for the betterment of society - crowned with a personal challenge - call for prayerful pause. No suggestions ... yet!

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