Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Give Thanks, Go Vote, and Lean Hard - Wegner

As Canadians we have a unique week ahead of us: Thanksgiving Day on Monday followed by our federal election the next day. Perhaps the arrangement of those two is most fitting because, depending on one’s political point of view, giving thanks may be more difficult after the voting’s completed and the results are tallied.

But while both those events involve a number of faith related issues, it is the overriding global economic crisis that looms largest in many minds. Around the world people (Christian or not) have responded in panic, anger and despair as they’ve watched seen their houses, savings and pension funds disappear. The Scripture put it this way: “Men’s hearts failing them for fear.”

Currently I’m working on an assignment to prepare an 800 word article reflecting current market conditions and advice from the experts on how best to deal with the situation. I’m the writer, not the source of economic wisdom, but what I want to say to the readers of this blog can be summed up in three basic statements: in everything give thanks, vote, and remember the Source of all our supply is not Wall Street, the TSX or your banking institution of choice.

Marcia posted an excellent blog several days ago in which she posed the question: What if [pick your example] hadn’t obeyed God’s direction? I’d like to add this: What can God do if I do?

As a writer who is Christian I believe that whatever the genre or the audience, what motivates our personal life permeates our writing. We may not be free to pen the name of Christ but the fragrance of His presence can’t be filtered out. Times may be tough but the Lord is Almighty!

Linda Wegner


violet said...

Amen! Interesting days for sure, but I love what you leave us with: "Times may be tough but the Lord is Almighty!"

Linda Wegner said...

Thanks, Violet - Any reason to "lean hard" is really a blessing!

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