Friday, July 18, 2008

Beyond the Obvious - Mann

I remember holding auditions for a children's musical play, several years ago. It seemed that most of the children who came to sing and speak either had been in a church youth choir or had experienced the benefit of some kind of training. However, there were a few hidden gems among the treasures that might have gone unnoticed had I not been nudged to look more carefully. I was not surprized, when given encouragement, how they gained the necessary confidence to overcome their limitations. More than one parent wondered about my choice to hear children who were timid, a little off key or intimated by the whole process. Several choirmasters frowned on my final selections, perhaps wondering about the results. But the faces of the children, revealed the hope necessary to continue the process.

I thought of this when I weeded my garden this week. Granted the flowers I purchased in the store are nice, and they definitely have their prominent place in my garden. However, there are often those who find themselves seeded in difficult places without sun, or among cramped roots. I saw this lily this morning and although I may have planted it in its place of honour behind a beautiful stone, branches of greater beauty now overshadowed it.

Although, it did not have the power to attract someone’s attention, its position did not take away from its beauty—but one had to look closely.

When writing, I’m always attracted to the minor characters in my manuscript. “No,” I tell them, “you have to stay in your place, even though I know you want to shine.” I struggle to give them just a little more opportunity to strut their stuff.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to identify the gift, or beauty of grace that a person offers to the bigger picture. Life gets difficult, insight gets confused and even self identify gets bent out of shape. I am always thankful when God nudges me to look deeper, to see the inner beauty and to acknowledge the blessing that others have to offer – sometimes even the most unexpected.

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