Friday, May 23, 2008

Someone Has My Attention - Mann

As I sit down at my computer this morning, I look at two writing deadlines rise up in front of me. I quickly procrastinate when I hear a melodic clink announce emails dropping into my inbox. This seems a logical reason to procrastinate from these deadlines. The emails contain the usual stories, jokes and pictures from friends. One in particular catches my eye: two deer finding their way through a recent snowfall in South Dakota. You probably received this one too. I wonder what a picture an hour later would reveal—then reluctantly, I turn back to my manuscript.

Within a few minutes, more emails drop. This time I nip in to find messages of urgency. I read about the building tension and anxiety as we prepare to celebrate another Write! Canada conference. I study words defining fear and trust vying for a friend’s energy in a recent tragedy. I see gratitude and thanksgiving soar in a grandnephew’s accomplishment. And I realize once again we share a human condition of needing God’s assuring love in all the twists and turns of life.

Although deadlines seem to give adequate time when we set them, they have a way of slipping into the immediate. I’d like to fill each day with the easy things of life, well, maybe some days. Yet, when I feel up to my neck in the wake of daily struggles and celebrations, I keep my eyes on the One who will make a way for me.

Donna Mann, author of Take Time To Make Memories (1996)
Award-winning WinterGrief (2003)
Award-sinning Aggie's Storms (2007)

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